Jealous Maplers

Alright, basically this thread is in response to some DK shooting his mouth off at me last night

So recently Ive been crogging alot, since im low on money. Before I go on the boat, I nub up equip wise (Lvl 10 Swordsman look ftw) Anyway I get on the boat, and as usual there are some Lvl 90~110 trying to Crog as well. Im just sitting, minding my own business and the DK starts poking me. “Whats this nub doing on the boat” he talks with his party about how nub I look and how I shouldn’t be going to Orbis. So I get out of my Relaxer and use Maple Hero real quick (this was after about 3 minutes of banter). So I get a couple rofl’s and people saying cool. But the DK doesnt get it, he keeps flaming me, callin me nub on how I cant afford equips. So I put my normal gear on and the boat takes off.

I normally dont say anything but the DK poked me and asked “Are you crogging?” I just replied “yes” and he starts ranting and raving.

“OmG!11! h0w is that fair? We can’t kill before you do!1111!11eleven11!”

I told him try going on a different channel next time, or maybe checking the levels of the people coming on the boat first and gauging if you could ks Crog from them.

Freaks out again. Crog comes and I kill it quickly. More flame and a defame this time. Some of his party members start apologizing for his actions and what not. Out of curiousity I check to see if he is on the ranks. He isnt. He brings up how I must have no life or that Im a hacker. Keep in mind he is only 30 levels lower than me, so if I dont have a life then what does that make him? He mentions how I dont have a cape or glove and must be nub poor. I rebute by saying “Well if I hacked wouldnt I be rich?” He then states that I should earn my levels and not pg hack to 4th job. I mentioned that he isnt on the ranks and he f5’s and logs off.

Has anyone else experienced people like this? Kind of a stupid question because chances are that 90% of Maplers have. My guess is that he is one of those people that at Lvl 40 he calls 3rd jobbers hackers / no lifes and at Lvl 70 he called 100+ hackers / no lifes etc etc

8 thoughts on “Jealous Maplers”

  1. rofl, ill post the whole story later, i got pised so bad, from all those noob guilds defaming meh. ill write it >.> type watver, later

  2. Many in maple has unfortunataly no brains :]
    Oh,and the last time i was cogging with a dk nearby (not in pt),i tio a <3 Hawabi
    Infront of that poor dude.He must be like what?

    And,welcome to Mmo :]

  3. Lawls. ‘Sides, crogs are bosses. FFA and all that.

    “All your Crogs is belonged to me!” XD

  4. At least the party of his wasn’t so bad. They apologized.

    A ray of hope? (Or angels coming down to pwn you, either way)

  5. Other Maplers. You have to love them because you can’t kill them unless you’re a Priest/Bishop with Door or an archer with PKB.

  6. lawl, it’s times like this that makes me wish there was a pk system!

    “UR A NUB!”
    “I chalenge you to a PK!”
    *2 seconds and 3 arrows later, you pwn him*

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