lame story

so…, my gf (real life) my brother, and his guild members were just chilling at henesys, just watching my bro just pwn some slime and snails with his guild. i was just flirting with my gf saying how much i miss you in real life (i didnt want to talk to my gf in the phone because it would run up the phone bill lol. thank god for maple story) my brother was wearing this blue shark power ranger suit thing and there were 2 guys watching him fight monsters (a noob and a high lv guy).

i guess they were talking about power rangers and how cool they are. and then… got worse.

the noob said “i like the red one because he pwns all the other gay rangers”

then the high lv guy used his super angry face (the one with red angry eyes) ” NO!!!! THE BLACK ONE IS THE BEST ONE EVER!!!”
they were arguing back and fourth about which is the best ranger.

AND THEN THINGS GOT WORSE-ER……ER (i don’t know whats worse than the word “worse” lol)

anyways, my gf got involved with the stupid arguing.

” hey shut up you 2!!!! the pink power ranger is the best one!!!!” which i had to f6 her, because i was suprised that she actually likes power rangers…i thought she would watch shows like hannah montana or america’s next top model or some crap like that. but power rangers?!?!?

i used like power rangers when i was like 5…but now im 16 and i like to watch better things (like sports and chicks, duh)

that kinda creeped me out alittle bit. but i wasnt mad at her. who would get mad at what your girlfriend likes?

the moral of the story: don’t let your girlfriend do the same hobbies that you do. you might find something new about her.

man, i wish she would stop playing maple. i might find out something even worse-er-er-er……

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