Sprint and Slay part 3

It’s been a few months (more like half a year), but I’m back (again) and I’m gonna start by opening with the 3rd part to SS. (skips the bull) We last left off with the appearance of a new figure who undoubtedly wanted Dark all to himself. Here we go.

“So you’re here too,” murmured Dark, with a casual smirk forming across his face. “This should make things interesting. Just know that I won’t be nice about killing you.”

The newcomer’s expression changed almost immediately from whimsical to a deadly serious. “And just know THIS, Dark. When you exhale your last breath, remember who stole it.”

Dark turned and walked to one of the large stars now stuck in the ground. He ran his finger along it, then looked up. “These stars are pretty strong.” He pulled one out of the ground. “They’re pretty heavy too. My, I’m surprised you can lift this all on your own. Oh, and your shadow can too!” He stared at the shadow. “I wonder if shadows bleed too…” He then lauched the star directly at the shadow.

(the story is now on pause… I’ll post the second half of 3, as well as a complete 4 tomorrow)