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Owl’s History

Excerpt from Student Profiles File # AEE1774-OwlSpirit175:
Maple Name: OWLSPIRIT175
Alis: Owl / Owl Spirit
Date of Birth: March 18, 1973
Place of Birth: Unknown
City of Origin: HENESYS

Father- N.A
Mother- N.A

Family Data: [Adopting Family (1978-1991)]
S-Mother: Aeliana Hyneton (AHyneton72), level 62 hunter [member of JA]
S-Father: Edward ‘Eddy’ Hyneton (EHyneton72), Level 73 Sniper [Circa 1991]. [Member of JA E-Hawk Squad]

Spring 66, 1973: MapleName tag for Owl Spirit is assigned and mailed to Panquilia permanoob reserve.
Fall 34, 1976: Owl Spirit taken to Henesys by the Justice Arrow and assigned to Hyneton family.
Spring 25, 1986: Owl passes Level 10 archer test in Henesys.
Spring 60, 1988: Owl successfully passes 2JA exam and is registered by JA as hunter.
Fall 29, 1990: Owl defects from JA during spy assignment in Ellinia. She turns herself in to mage authorities and during interrogation submits all information in cooperative manner
Fall 47, 1990: Criminal charges against Owl dismissed by GM, however she is sentenced to five weeks of probation.
Fall 51, 1990: Owl attends citizen cermony and swears allegience to Ellinia.
Fall 55, 1990: Owl is employed by Recyclers Co. Fall 74: Owl dismissed due to severe magic related injury.
Fall 77, 1990: Owl undergoes testing at Intitute medical center. Fall 85; test results show Owl has mage capabilites.
Fall 86, 1990: Owl passes Level 8 Magician test. Suspicion charges dropped.
Fall 90, 1990 (December 19): Owl is enrolled as full time student at the Intitute’s academy.
Winter 56, 1991: Institute Disciplinary Council suspends Owl for gross misconduct and violence.
Winter 64: Owl placed on individual learning plan under supervision of counselor Shuna Ayja
Fall 35: Owl passes 2JA and is registered as a wizard. Because she is not FP or IL, she is heavily monitored.
Spring 14, 1995 (April 3), Owl completes learning plan (equivalent to Year/Grade 11), and begins AdLib training.
First assignment is to assist recovering AdLib SilverFX on pixie research project in Orbis.
Summer 6, 1996: (June 26), Owl graduates high school at Acedemy and becomes full time adventure librarian.
1997: Owl Spirit dispatched for training.
1999: Owl Spirit successfully passes 3JA exam and becomes a mage.
2007: Owl Spirit is cleared to take the 4JA exam in Leafre and becomes arch mage, but fails the Hero exam.
Owl becomes arch mage.
Fall 65, 2007: Owl is declared missing; presumably killed during the JA’s bomb raid on the Panquilia settlement.

SUMMARY REPORT for Owl Spirit, compiled by Shuna Ayja, Fall 80, 2007:
It is still unspecified where Owl was born. She has no clue, and the Permanoobs who raised her only claimed they adopted her. According to them, Owl was brought into Kerning City from the SEA Lands among the thousands of Azns, hackers, and Kashkuni natives fleeing from the SEA Lands during the Forest War.
in 1976, the Justice Arrow took hundreds of children out of the city because of the bomb raids. Owl was one of them.

Owl was raised in Henesys by a strict family whos members are JA troops themselves. She was put to work for most of her years doing various tasks at home and around town and on the fields. she was soon trained to become an archer and eventually became a hunter. During her teen years, Owl was drafted by the Justice Arrow and prior to level 30, she attended duties in Henesys. Unlike all of the other people, Owl did not share their twisted morals and religious beliefs. She disdained the JA her entire time there. After level 30, Owl was sent abroad with other Justice Arrow teams, and had her fair share in partaking in assaults people the JA despised.

In 1990, Owl was sent with a 25-strong spy team to moniter Ellinia and send home reports. She defected from the Justice Arrow and turned herself into mage authorities after her fellow JA troops informed her of a future war on magicians and ambitions to destroy Ellinia.

Upon arrest, Owl had stolen JA documents in her posession (reports she was to take back to Henesys), and during interrogation, she fully cooperated and submitted as much as she knew about the Justice Arrow.
In turn for her cooperation, Owl was cleared of charges, but not suspicion. She eventually swore allegience to Ellinia and was employed by a waste recycling company.
Owl’s life took a turn when she was severly burned when defective magic batteries she was handling exploded.
In the hospital, Owl recovered much quicker than a pureblood should, and underwent further testing.
The tests confirmed that her body was capable of handling great amounts of magic energy. She passed the level 10 test
with great success.

Owl was enrolled as a student here at the Institute, however she was subject to much abuse at the hands of her fellow classmates. She was involved in numerous fights where she dealt nearly four times the injury or damage she sustained from enemy students. Unaware of her true power, Owl placed many in the hospital. Because of her actions, DC suspended her for a week and a half. When she returned, Owl was assigned to me, and it was my job to supervise her.
When Owl passed the second job advancement, she employed a new element that the Institute deemed impossible; the winds. Owl Spirit is perhaps Ellinia’s first magician to use the air as a tool and a weapon. She took her training seriously, and carefully, but she wielded her power in school to intimidate the students who abused he.

After completing the Year 11 course plan, the administration decided to transfer Owl to the Library where she continued her studies and started her training to become an Adventure Librarian. Owl was ordered to become an AdLib because of her history with the Justice Arrow. They felt keeping her heavily involved here would eliminate her chances of returning to Henesys, even though she showed no signs of betraying Ellinia.
Owl’s training projects were mainly with a woman named Silver, who was still recovering from a deadly summon bag attack. Owl accompanied Silver on many of her missions, and served as one of Silver’s protectors.

In the spring of 1996, an incident occured where Owl defended Silver against an attacker. Using her wind powers, Owl blew off the attackers and ended up saving Silver’s life. Owl Spirit was awarded a Maple Peace Certificate for her valiant actions. Later that year, Owl fulfilled the high school graduation requirements and became a full time Adventure Librarian. Her projects and tasks took her accross MapleWorld, even to parts of the SEA Lands territory where she discovered the illegal magician markets and revived numerous investigations.
Over the last 11 years, Owl worked hard and brought home valueble knowledge and insights from across the country. Her projects even took her to Kerning City where she was forced to infiltrate Permanoob communities because they all branded her as a traitor. Guised as a Permanoob herself, Owl met the family who took her in back when she as a wee girl. She asked many questions about herself as a third person, seeking answers about her background and roots.
Unfortunately, the permanoobs didn’t know anything. They told Owl she was given to them by other SEA Landers.

Because of the law that forbids travelling to the SEA Lands without special permission (ex. a job advancement test),
Owl took up a major cause she would use to get back to the SEA Lands. She was aware the Permanoobs, magicians and Azns in Kerning are threatened, and seek to return home. She made a deal with the Permanoob leaders and crime boss allies that she would put them in contact with other Permanoob groups on the other side.
Unfortunately, the Justice Arrow attacked the settlement while Owl was there.

MENTAL HEALTH PROFILE (Provided by the Institute’s MH wing doctor)
Because of her experiences in life, Owl Spirit developed a complex of mental conditions.
Attachment Disorder: Because Owl was separated from her own family and raised in an extremely strict and cold family enviornment, Owl fails to forge close bonds with people. It is only through self-thought logic pursuasion she maintains contact with those she knows.
Attention Defecit Disorder: Owl has experienced ADD during her years at school. While she tries, it is difficult to focus in class. One of the reasons she was put on a self paced learning plan.
Depression: Owl has been under severe depressions following her arrest when she first arrived in Ellinia. This condition is assumed to be caused by the harsh negative envornment she grew up in while in Henesys. She slips in and out of depression.
Occasional emotional outburts: Owl is very good at hiding her emotions and appearing as a rock hard person, however if affected by something that deeply concerns her, such as her investigation on the magic market, Owl will hardly be able to control herself unless she can control the situation.
Treatment: Owl Spirit has been to counselors and doctors frequently during her years here. She was kept in the psycho ward for two days following a suicide attempt in 1991.
additonal comments: Owl has alot of pent up rage which comes out when she exerts her magic powers or strength.

OWL & AZURE by Shuna Ayja
“This is my own personal account which I have added to the student file. Despite Owl’s unwillingness or refusal to bond with other people, she has shown the exact opposite when together with my other student, Azure. Because of Azure being targeted for being a hacker, I assigned Azure to Owl when she left on her mission to the SEA Lands….

The following has been extracted from the remote depths of Owl Spirit’s mind. The data that we extracted during interrogation is even out of Owl’s own reach, and so she will not be able to remember what we have found.
The memory implant is around 350 megabytes in size if you measure in computer terms.
The packet of memory was implanted into Owl’s brain possibly by telepathy by her mother Mistawasis, after she was born.
DATE OF BIRTH: Pisci 7, (March 18), 1973
PLACE OF BIRTH: Wystia, New Saskatchewan
RACE: Pureblood-Magician. SASKA: N
RAYvsSKIN index: 2
MOTHER: Alianna Mistawasis (Mistawasis)
FATHER: Jackal Endymo (JackalinTha Sky) From Avasta Goorski region, outside New Saskatchewan

According to the memory we have, Owl was born in the city of Wystia, located on a floating island in the Shifting Gravity Zone to the south west, not too far from the Sinorean Mountains. the SGZ is really a giant pocket of airspace above the mountains. Shortly after Owl’s birth, the Forest War had reached the SGZ. The Sino Army, allied with the Maple Peace Corps invaded and slew people by the thousands. Hackers or not, they did not take kindly to Sasko people.
The hackers arrived and fought. The war destroyed many of the cities, towns and settlements on the floating islands, forcing tens of thousands to flee. They flew down to ground, completely at the mercy of the Living Skies.
Owl was handed to an Azn refugee by her father and taken aboard the only surviving airship that flew down to Kashkun city. It turns out the refugees took her to Kerning City and handed her over to the local Permanoobs.

Owl also posesses a rare abilty to ‘dreamfast’ when she makes physical contact with other Saska or other people who have the same ability. Dreamfasting is the process of rapid memory exchange when two people touch hands for the first time. This power has been an effective method for Saska people to communicate, and the Institute holds futire plans for magicians to learn these powers.
Owl was supposed to go to New Saskatchewan and put Ellinia in contact, but her unscedule departure with another ugent mission gave us no time to brief her.

It is unknown why Owl was forbidden from accessing these memory crystals, and she was not informed of their existence when she left Ellinia for the last time.

Seasonal Calendar
Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall are the periods that replace the 12 month system on the yearly calendar
Each Season starts on the 21st of March, June, September, and December, but instead it is marked
“Spring 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on for about 90 days and then the next Season begins.

The Seasonal Calendar has replaced the 12-month system in Ellinia and Orbis. It is rumored that Henesys adopted the new system as well.
Winter: Dec 21-March 20
Spring: March 21-June 20
Summer: June 21-Septeber 20
Fall: September 21-Dec 20

The Zodiac Calendar is made up of 13 periods based on when certain constellations appear in the Night sky, and also replaces the 12-month system:
Sagittarii: Dec 18-Jan 19 Christmas Day: Sagittarii 8th New Yearsday: Sagittarii 15th
Caprico: Jan 20-Feb 15 Valentines Day: Caprico 26
Aquarii: Feb 16-March 12
Pisci: March 13-April 19
Aries: April 20-May14
Tauru: May 14-June 20
Gemini: June 21-July 20
Cancii: July 21-Aug 10
Leo: August 11-Sep 16
Virgo: Sep 17-Oct31
Libra: November 1-22
Scorpii: Nov-23-30
Orphius: Dec 1-17

60 minute hour system vs. 100 minute hour system.
Each day contains 25 60-minute hours or 15 100-minute hours
The rest of MapleWorld still uses the 60-minute hour system
In the SEA Lands, the 100-minute hour system is used, but based on Orbis Time,
even though the SEA Lands covers three time zones.

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