Northern Markets Ep77

map of ellinia:

Episode 77: Meet the Angry Magicians

Eluneday, Winter 24, 2008
(Monday Jan 25)

Upon arrival in Ellinia, the archmages who siezed control of the Alf’s Maintenance Company van pulled up outside the great academy, the Institute of Knowledge & Education. The Institute also held a medical center for injured or sick people.
Clerics and student assistants waited with a hovering wooden stretcher outside the oak doors as the van pulled up.
Meeka was carried out and put onto the stretcher, groaning from the mingrane headache and pain she suffered due to severe mana loss. The magician was rushed inside by the clerics. The baby, and the woman and her two kids were also taken out and escorted inside. In the van, Chuck, Rusty, and Joe were tied up with their hands and feet bound with ice. The archmage driving the van drove to the headquarters of the Cor Caomhnoir-Asarlai , a 5000 member guild and Ellinia’s local security agency. Almost all of Ellinia’s high level mages served with the CAG at one point in their lives.

The CAG’s headquarters were burrowed deep in the giant Avasta Tree on the east side of Ellinia. The trunk of the giant tree was 1800 feet wide, and the tree itself stood over 3000 feet high, with thick branches sticking out everywhere, and each branch grew several hundreds of types of leaves. The genetic build of Ellenian trees was so complex that eco-scientists did research and confirmed each tree had mixed genetic structures from over 200 plant species. In turn, branches grew so many types of leaves that had a rainbow of colors.
The CCA was founded back in the 1400’s by Ellinia’s first foreign settlers, the Innisfailians, a tribe of Erish magicians who found themselves quite suitable for the vast resources of magic energy here. The CCA fought off the Sherenian invaders, Balrogs, Angels, the Justice Arrow, and the Sino Army. At present, the Cor Caomhnoir Asarlai was maintaining tight security in the region to keep out the JA, and other opposing groups. On their list of unfriendly suspect groups was the Kerning City Police, accused of abusing civilian magicians living in Kerning.

The van rolled off the thick suspended bridge onto the thick wood platform of the Avasta Tree and drove down another ramp to the CCA HQ entrance. The high ranking arch mages wore black and turquoise robes.
The side doors of the van slip open, and the guys were pulled out by their shirts and forced inside.
The entire place was built out of hardened wood carved from the tree, and used to make slide doors, furniture, and prison bars. Only mages were allowed in, and they had to have expert magic skills to open and close doors which were secured with vines that only bent under magic power, operate lights, magic powered gadgets, and the magic-electric phone system.
Rusty Miller was marched down a dark hall and thrown into a cell in the detention block. One mage had him by the arm, and the other had her Blue Marine staff pointed at the back of his neck. The first mage used his free arm and untwisted the vines that wrapped around the lock and then melted the ice inside the wood-marble lock, The door opened, and the mages shoved Miller in and slammed the door behind him. After the door was locked and the vines wrapped around the lock, the mages melted the ice, unbinding the cop’s hands.

Miller stood in the small room. To his left was a bed- a mattress which was a sheet of woven leaves around sawdust.
To his right was a table. The room was dark, and the only light came through a small window on the wall opposite from the door. He sat on the bed and pondered his fate. Miller hadn’t had a proper sleep for days now and everything was becoming a blur. He forced himself to review the last few days’ events: On Friday, he went on duty with his SWAT Team and they went into 7ung Hwang for their 8 hour shift. That was at 7am on Friday. Around 3 when they were about to pull out, another team called for help and they ended up helping Azn gangs storm a JA barricade. They defeated the rangers, but the situation got ugly, and the Azns turned on the SWAT. Miller was then re-assigned to guarding the roof of the children’s building which he ended guarding the whole night. That night sucked, because Miller eneded up killing two JA rangers whom he discovered where his brother and sister and OMG that sucked!
Saturday was even worse; he returned to HQ which was then destroyed by the JA and Miller barely escaped, taking some magician girl and her baby with him.

Now in Ellinia, he was arrested by those mages, and he had no idea what was going to happen to him now. Miller fell asleep as he pondered his fate.

9:50 SEA Time
(2:30 pm)
A delivery truck slowly made its way down the rocky road south towards Cold Death Pass. The pass was taken over by the Justice Arrow last November and they began construction on a new bridge. A road was already made on the old bridge which looked like a big block of rock and debris spanning the 150 gap of the Corazon Canyon. While the ruins on the northern side of the Pass were untouched, the JA had built an observation tower and a building out of wood taken from trees in Sleepywood.
The bright sunlight glared down as the lone truck drove towards the border between the SEA Lands and Victoria.
Piloting the crystal powered truck was Jango Alyth, level 70 ranger. His heart pounded as he slowly approached the Pass.
The Rangers in the observation tower alerted everyone, and two Bow Masters stood at the end of the bridge waiting.

Jango drove slowly across the destroyed bridge. As the truck lurched over every bump, the whole structure shook with recoil and Jango was afraid the whole thing would fall apart.
As he drove the truck off the bridge onto Victorian ground, the Bow Masters waved and motioned for him to stop.
“Who are you?” The BM demanded.
“Jango Alyth, sir” Jango said nervously.
“Ah, yes, so, why are you driving a truck south? You’re a ranger, you’re supposed to be stationed up there! It’s the SEA Landers’ job to drive these trucks! Explain yourself!”
“Sir, I was ordered by my boss, Captain Harrton, to drive this truck. the SEA Landers are refusing. Something about a pay dispute, sir,”
“Why are you the only one?” the Bow Master demanded.
“The others should be along soon,” Jango lied.
“Where were you ordered to go?”
“Kerning, sir,”
“Ah, yes, I see,” the bow master said. “Are you to relay further orders, Alyth?”
“Yes, sir. Harrton ordered that more trucks be dispatched to transport more magicians to our base at Border Town,”
“Very well. So how does it feel to be the youngest ranger to see the SEA Lands?”
“It’s scary, yet interesting, sir”
“Is it?” The BM demanded. “Don’t forget that no decent human being can survive out there! The inhabitants beyond Border Town are mutants and have lost their purity with the Migrator!”
“yes< sir” jango said>
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