The Final Countdown

WOOSH. Level 64. A bit late on my part, but nonetheless, a nice achievement for someone who can’t grind still for an hour.

Heya, MMOTales. Snox here once again. With better news with every blog. Six more levels until Ranger. SIX. And for some of you, you’re probably laughing at me.

“LOL. NUB. LEVEL 6x WUZ SO EZ. NUBNUBNUBNUBNUB”. <— Actually said to me. :[

And yeah. I’ll admit I’m lazy. But it’s hard when you’re trying to LMPQ the entire way, it’s not easy since every party is guarenteed to have some moron in it. If you’re VERY lucky, it’ll only have one. Unfortuneately, I have yet to go with a party that doesn’t have someone making LMPQ unpleasant. There’s always a person in a party that makes it a burden to PQ with them.

Anyway. Six more levels, And only six more *WOOSHSHINYBLUERAY*’s to go until I turn 70, get Ranger, and get my trusty mount. Thank god for LMPQ, otherwise I’d never be able to afford it. Thankfully, me turning Ranger isn’t the only thing worth mentioning.

*cough* Well, I got married today. Premium Chapel, because the Cathedral wedding’s boring. It was fun, next to the fact that I only got a Cape 60% Str for my gift. ._.;; As well as some mesos from another friend. I don’t care much about gifts though. I’m really only glad the wedding happend. UnFORTUNEATELY, the people decided to hog the top of the cake. So no screenshots of the wedding. Sorry MMOTales.

So now, I can APQ. The only problem is that my wife (Ren. :3) is determined to make me suffer. So she’s going to spam in the dreaded SPOUSE CHAT, which is the hottest, most Neon-ic pink I’ve ever seen. My eyes water, burn up, and slowly melt in my head every time I see the burning hot pink color. God help me.

So, as it turns out, my dream of getting Ranger by the end of March… May not come true. That’s okay though. I tried, and I’ll get it in April for sure. Maybe then I can actually be some use during the APQ boss fight. If not, I’ll be hugging the wall again.

Relatively short blog once again. I’ll make a super-ly awesome blog next time. Until then,

RisingAegis, Level 64 Hunter of Broa.

PS. ITS THE FINALLLL COUNNNNNTTTDOOOOOOWWWN~ (The song ended JUST as I finished this blog. How awesome.)

[Picture-1] Those are my stat menus, if anyone’s curious enough. I think my damage is low though.

3 thoughts on “The Final Countdown”

  1. Lolz I have more shiny dark crystals than you. Didn’t buy them neither. Lusters <3

    They’re good income not sure how it compares to LMPQ (since I tend to measure LMPQ by approximate number of runs and grinding by approximate number of warrior elixirs spent, it’s not easy to do) but the EXP is yummy.

    Unfortunately it gets boring faster and takes more effort

  2. Grats on the marriage~ I wish I could see that Neon-ic pink of spouse chat in MSEA though; it’s awful trying to juggle two whispers in one go. ._.

    Oh DAMN, that darn song in your title; the prof of Financial Management used it as the theme song to that simulated stock market exercise we had, and now, whenever I hear it, I twitch something bad. >.>

    Oh, and don’t worry about levelling slowly to lvl 7x. I took one month (i.e. one Cash item’s lifespan) to get from 68 to 69. ^_^ Hurrah for another smexeh-Ranger-to-be~

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