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Hello :] Hahaahh, I take too many breaks from this site. Weeell, everythings going great now. [not really] Im lvl 43, unfortutunately 1 lvl from where I was last time… I think. o_o Nooo, I didnt take a super-duper long break from maplestory. I just didnt train. Yess, I know you’re gonno end up telling me to train more but I CANT HELP IT. D; Its soo boring. Ehh, my NX expired so now I have nothing now. >_< So nothing much to talk about other than the fact that Speigelmann is scary and the I cant find Dr.Kim anywhere in Omega Sector. And my EX BF [the one I was talking about before in my other blogs] DUMPED ME FOR ANOTHER GIRL. Sorry for no paragraphs. I got pissed, but I didnt say it. And then my friend and I hooked up a couple months after… And he broke up with me cuz I didnt have any kissy face. >:o Soo uhmmm. yeah. I go from guy to guy a lot. =_= AND WHILE I WAS WITH MY FRIENDS ON MS WE MADE A SMALL LIST OF WEIRD GUY QUESTIONS. [no offence guys, wern’t trying to be mean]
1.Why dont boys have Sweet 16s?
2.How come girls can kiss girls but guys cant kiss guys?
3.Do guys giggle?
There were a bunch more except Im too lazy to write them down. And right now Im trying to firgure out how to do the Carnaval PQ thingy. And if anyone knows where Dr.Kim is please tell me. So now heres the end of my blog. blablabla.
BYEBYE : o And I’ll problably leave for another year until I check this thing out again. x]

11 thoughts on “hai all <3”

  1. Hmm Nikki and Nikkie… I sense a name confusion coming up.

    1) Girls are much cooler than guys.
    2) Being gay is worse than being les. (I dunno ).
    3) Yes, only in their sleep.

    -=The Nazgul=-

  2. 1) Because “Sweet 16” is all about getting your Driver’s License. For Girls, its FREEDOM! For Guys, ROADTRIPS! >
    Followed by screaming scrapnel air-filled death.
    2) Cause its wrong. (I’d tell the real reason, but it’s rated A for Adult. Must be 18+ to hear it.)
    3) Yes guys do. Everyone giggles. Giggling is like chuckling but cuter. I giggle when I play xbox live and I’m owning someone and I can’t help myself. Usually I giggle, followed by hysterical laughing.

  3. 1. It’s Screaming 16. We have our license.
    2. Guys are afraid of THE SHUN.
    3. Yes, privately or by accident.

    Welcome back.

    Guess what time it is,

  4. 1]Sweet 18 here. [M18 MOVIES AND GAMES WOOHOOOO]
    2]Yuri and Yaoi. Make the difference.
    3]We guffaw.

  5. 1: I think that girls like to have sweet sixteens because for one night they get to be the center of attention. Which is something a lot of girls like. Also on that one night you get to wear a beautiful dress and pose for pictures which is something else girls love to do. Guys prefer to hang out and mess around. Or maybe go to chuck E cheese. (Maybe that’s just me, )
    2.Well, its kind of obvious that a lot of guys doubt their heterosexuality so just the thought of them kissing another guy makes them feel uncomfortable and then they question themselves. Girls on the other hand are usually positive on their orientation.
    3. Umm as a guy I have to admit, I have giggled before. But it really isn’t the same as how a girl giggles.

  6. Sweet 16 is stupid. Wait for the BIG one-eight. When you can go clubbing, and all that other stuff a 16 year old cant do

  7. rofl -thinks of various guy friends giggling-

    -thinks of grimmy giggling-

    -brain explodes-


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