MAPLESAP Special: Magicians01

MapleSAP Special: Magicians 01
Magic Radiation+ Biological Analysis

To understand magicians, we have to take the first step in finding out what the term means, and how magicians actually differ from purebloods and hackers.
The word ‘Magician’ itself came from the Greek word ‘magiko’ which was used to identify people who had supernatural powers. For hundreds of years, the word magician became a widely used term for people who could perform tricks from basic illusion (no actual power involved) to sorcery [Wikipedia].
The term ‘magician’, however did not reach MapleWorld until the 19th century. Early settlers called magicians either witches, sorcerers, etc.

In civilian terms, a magician is simply an illusion artist who entertains people by messing with their eyes for a living. The most well known illusionist is Zail Hubert from Ludibrium.
Outside the cities and towns, the word ‘magician’ applies to anyone who’s bodies consume, store, and produce magic energy.
Magic is a type of radiation that occurs in the planet and all forms of life and matter. Through tests and experiments, magic was isolated from electricity, and magnetic energy because it does not share the same properties as the other two forms, and contains a whole list of it’s own properties.

The Planet itself produces the magic energy that occurs in life and the ground. As the planet’s core spins, convections of molten rock inside the planet below the surface stir up massive amounts of energy- most of which goes to the electro magnetic field that sheilds the planet from lethal solar radiation that would fry everything on the surface.

While most of the energy becomes magnetic, a residual amount (about 0.0783 %/ hour) becomes magic, and as the planet rotates, the magic energy is pulled upward to the surface where it collects in the crust and life ontop.
For the last 5 billion years the planet has been in existence, scientists said at conferences that the total supply of magic that occurs today is beyond measurable. That’s how much magic there is.

In areas around MapleWorld, especially in places deep underground, magic has been collected, and radiation that magic energy emits can be lethally dangerous for people who’s bodies cannot conduct magic.

In eastern Victoria around Ellinia, there is a massive swamp almost 400 square miles in size where magic energy has collected for hundreds of thousands of years. The plants and animals living in the swamp have elolved and adapted to the harsh magic radiation in the swamp, and the giant trees and plants that grow in the swamp soak up magic and distribute it to plants, and animals living hundreds of feet above the swamp. In 1948, a study was conducted in the swamps, and a basic outline of how magic travels was produced. The magic comes out of the ground and is absorbed by the water and microscopic life forms in it. As the microbes are eaten by larger things and eventually fish, and animals, the magic moves up the food chain. Plants soak up the magic from their roots in the ground and are eaten by animals or spread the magic during pollen season. The giant trees around Ellinia soak up magic which reaches the leaves and fruits which are then consumed by animals such as chinchillas, hamsters, mice, squirrels and birds to name a few.
Magic radiation in present-day Ellinia is at an average of 20-25 rems, the considered safe level for everyone. At times, magic radiation may climb as high as 30 to 35 rems, and purebloods may become sick if not treated (given magic absorbant food). At the Taighde DraĆ­ocht Station(magic research facility) , the lowest point in Ellinia (150 feet below the statue of Archmage Vnera), magic radiation is as high as 75 rems. At this level, purebloods, and magicians lower than Level 10 will become ill if exposed for longer than 20 minutes. Local law states that purebloods and hackers are forbidden here without a permit.

A thousand feet down, 100 feet above the swamp, the radiation is over 5000 rems. Mages level 85 and lower will become extremely sick from such exposure, and only well trained and adapted archmages (Level 130+) can protect themselves from such radiation.
In the water, the magic radiation is well over 2000 rems, and deep under the surface close to the ground, magic radiation was clocked at over 5000 rems, enough to kill a pureblood within days.

Plants, animals, and humans have all adapted to producing magic of their own using magic radiation they are exposed to or from foods they eat. For a level 8 magician, his or her body will produce enough magic to emit between 8 and 12 rems. But that doesnt make them a walking hazard; because the cells in their skin have developed the ability to contain the magic radiation as well as the energy, unless the magician casts his or her energy. The internal radiation comes from the magic the body extracts from food or water, and is kept at a steady rate such as body temperature.
As the magician trains and gets to be a higher level, the body will increase the magic produced and used, so it emits more radiation.

1 10 rems
5 50 rems
10 100 rems
21 210 rems
30 300 rems
50 500 rems
70 650 rems
90 780 rems
120 920 rems (well trained, an archmage can safely conduct magic emitting up to 1200 rems)
200 no solid rate. All varies from mage to mage. A highly trained archmage can emit over 5000 rems, but only for a short time. Specialized, difficult training and body conditioning is required for an archmage to conduct magic at this level. Hundreds of mages have died from producing too much magic and over exposing themselves to lethal doses.

The higher dose of magic radiation a magician can produce (by conducting magic such as attacks or heal spells),
the better her body is at re-absorbing the radiation without causing cell damage (injuries and burns), and the more dangerous areas she can venture into without becoming sick.

Magician’s cannot adapt themselves to magic radiation by walking into dangerous areas, it only works if they carefully consume high powered mana fuel, and conduct lots of magic frequently.

The authorities in Ellinia have been concerned with magic radiation effects on non-magicians. Every year, the medical facilities at Ellinia’s Institute of Knowledge & Education (aka the Academy) receive up to 50 minor cases of mild radiation sickness (ex. guy pukes and gets nausea during a 2 day vacation). They are given seeds grown on the trees that absorb magic radiation, and the illness goes away. 2-5 serious cases occur each year. In 2006, the Ellinia Magic Council approved of magic-absorbing orbs to be set up around Ellinia.

Mana fuel is any liquid that contains stored magic energy. Labels on bottles show the voltage, wattage, joules of magic energy, and the rems of radiation the magic energy will produce when the fuel is consumed. Mana is required by the body like a vital nutrient. The magic energy produced/stored/consumed by the body is determined by the output radiation.
As much as you need water, magicians require mana. Without it, the magician’s body will not be able to work magic that produces the required internal radiation (which helps the magician have energy and be able to function). A level 30 wizard will need to have enough mana fuel to maintain a stable magic level of 300 rems.
If her magic level falls below 300 rems for longer than 15 hours, she will feel weak, and faint. As the level drops, the magician will get a headache that will turn into a migraine. The skin will become pale, and the magician will show signs of dehydration. If her magic levels fall below 70% (210 rems), she becomes extremely weak and unable to move as the body is allocating the remaining magic to the automatic systems (vital organs, digestive systems, immune systems).
At 60% (180 rems), the magician’s body will be unable to work with nutrients from food, and the immune system starts to fail. It gets worse until the magician dies when falling below 10-15%.

Outside Ellinia, or away from magic-drenched regions, the magic level in the body may drop as they are not exposed to magic radiation from the outside. Drinking more mana fuel curbs this problem.

Compared to the pure-blood human body, the magician-body operates slightly more efficient. All organs, and systems receive not only regular energy from air and food, but double the amount of energy in magic. As a result, the immune system produces more cells to fight off infections, the average magician’s metabolism is higher than a pureblood’s, the digestive system will extract three times the nutrients from food, and the growth rate is higher than a pureblood’s body. Even untrained magicians are taller and sometimes stronger than normal people. If wounded, they heal up to four times faster.
Magicians have more energy and can run faster and longer than purebloods, and are usually more fit than us.
In Kerning City community sports, magician athletes have been placed in their own class in the name of fairness. (giving purebloods a chance to shine in sports).

The physical features of magicians are somewhat distinct from pureblood humans. Magicians are usually leaner and taller. Many magicians have blue hair. The blue color that appears in the hair is leftover mana that wasn’t burned up by the body and is used to grow hair. Magicians’ eyes are sometimes a dark aquamarine blue or turquoise, also resulting from unused mana. As for high leveled mages, their blood sometimes turns blue when they are consuming lots of mana fuel and making lots of magic energy.

In some cases, young magicians exhibit behaviors that ‘normal’ people call odd. They may appear to be non-focused, and deep in their own imaginations, or ‘completely not tuned with reality’. Psychologists in Kerning City and researchers in Ellinia have studied this case of behavior for years, and last year issued their report.

According to the report dubbed ‘The Frequencies of the Average Magician’s Mind’,
magicians don’t suffer mental disorders as originally thought.
“No, they are not poisoned in the brain by their own magic, the people and kids we examined over the last four years, were like radios not tuned to the stations we ‘listen’ to.”
What he meant was that magicians were receiving so called vibes from the planet, and the cosmos. Magician children who were involved in the project reported seeing images of other planets, stars, and even places of different time periods.
“They are well in-tune with the planet itself, and they think they’re in contact with the spirits from the cosmos.”

So, yes, magicians are different than purebloods and hackers in some way, but does that make them inhuman?
Several hate groups in Victoria like to think so. But to truly understand the hate-relationship between magicians and religious purebloods, we must go back in time. Back past the Maple War, back to the time when magicians first settled in Victoria, and how their clash with Victoria’s first foreigh pureblood settlers (other than the Sherenians) sparked the never-ending conflict that has reached epic proportions in recent years.


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