MapleSAP MAR.17.2K8

March 2008 Vol.1 Issue 3.

MapleSAP has been awarded a business license to operate in Roika and will be operating as a subsidary
company to the Morning Star newspaper, and TV station RCAT (Darkon).
SaintSAP’s staff will be Roikan employees who will be responsible for collecting news accross Roika’s three islands and
distributing SAP magazines to selected stores.
SaintSAP will also provide Roikans with news of events in MapleWorld and Azeroth.

<Darkon City> Newly elected Roikan president James T. Haack, level 152 assist, had to calm the country in his first presidential speech. Rather than cite what he plans to do as president, Haack summarized the country’s civil defence programs and that he planned to beef them up. Haack’s speech was his response to the public’s reactions about arcane bomb warning that was aired on TV a week ago.
The warrning was delivered to mobile messengers, radio and TV after an SI:7 (Az. Alliance) document was leaked out on arrival. The report, delivered from Stormwind, was confidential and addressed to Roikan Parliament only.
Haack stressed that there was no need for worry, as he plans to reduce Roika’s role in the Azeroth conflict.
“The Roika Warning & Monitoring Organization is prepared to alert the whole country if ever there was an enemy attack, and I am reviving the public education effort,”

According to the Gnomeregan Gnews Network, the Sin’Dorei (Horde) faction patched up conflicts with a heavily armed elf group in Outland, who have ballistic arcane missiles and mana bombs. reports from the GGN indicate that the Horde pact might threaten the use of these weapons of mass destructions against the Alliance unless they cease their agression. The threat is applied to the Alliance’s allies, including MapleWorld and Roika, who both have a total of 2500 troops deployed in Azeroth.

The threat of arcane bombing is not anything new to the Roikan government; 150 years ago, Roika was invaded and occupied by forces from Ivalice, and the USA. The RWMO was established back then because Ivalice and her allies both threatened to nuke Roika because of Roika’s refusal to participate and commit its resources and people to Ivalice.

<Saint City>
Outgoing president Roy Harris (level 88 ranger) had failed to win over the public in his election campaign and lost to JT Haack. Harris’ downfall comes up where he signed a friendship pact with the Alliance and committed most high level Roikans to the Azeroth conflict, despite public outcry against this. Roika currently has over 1250 troops stationed with Alliance forces. 700 just left two weeks ago onboard the RKS Rappunzel, despite angry protests at Staint Morning Air Station.
After the Rappunzel departed, Harris’ ratings slipped to 10%, a record low for a Roikan political leader.

<Orgrimmar, Durotar> [GGN]
The Horde Assembly; the Orc led council that governs the Horde pact members, voted 81-19 on decriminalizing hackers.
Hackers living in Horde areas were persecuted by the law, and legal work against them has been an ‘unnecesarry strain on the system’ Sin’Dorei spokeswoman said. Hackers have been granted Horde citizen status and segregation against them has been ended. Orgrimmar announced new services to aid hackers; a task taken up by the Forsaken faction.
The move, first proposed by Thrall II, brought a wave of good news, however, critics, especially Tauren critics, denounced the vote as a ploy to use the unnatural for war. Chieftain Thunderhoof IV said in an interview that hackers are not natural and are a threat to nature.
The decision was annoucned to Alliance leaders at a summit in Shattrath City, who responded angrily.

After 39 days in flight, the self operating Kawartha orbital spacecraft passed over MapleWorld and beamed down its cpllection of photos, data, maps, readings, and recordings of radio transmissions. Since lift off in early February, the Kawartha independently navigated the fierce skies of New Saskatchewan, entered the Chamsaka Jet Stream and soared to nearly 110,000 feet. The craft circled the Planet 115 times before passing northward over Orbis on March 13 at 11:52 am Orbis time, while traveling at over 14K miles per hour. During the few minutes the Kawartha was within the 600 mile range, the craft beamed down data on the atmosphere, weather systems, temperature, solar and cosmic radiation, magnetic data, wind speeds and patterns. The ship also sent back over 14000 images of the lands beyond MapleWorld, giving the Ossyria School of Aviation the first few pieces of the big puzzle.

The Kawartha, also equipped with a package of data to beam down to other places recieved no replies, and this week, the OSA put the craft into stealth mode, so it won’t transmit. With good news comes bad news; the craft suffered damage to the wing gears, and three solar panels are busted.

Six men were arrested yesterday after Ludi GMs busted into their house and found currency making equipment and supplies. Also on site, they siezed more than 80 million fake NX. The guys were selling their NX for as much as 10 NX for 30 million mesos. They will appear in court Monday.

J&M Ham Associates lawyers applied for appeal of the court’s decision in the closed case against the Singa Times. The judge had ordered KLON to pay over 2 billion mesos to the Singa Times newsgroup. The judge who handled this appeal denied it.

<KErning City>
The Kerning Urban Forums is a center where people can post ads or topics for free on the walls or on computers.
On Saturday, the owner of the KUF, Higgy, level 51 cleric, issued a strict rule to the people using the forums, saying that if anyone mentions the name of movie star Chuck Norris, he or she will be permanently banned. Higgy said the rule is the latest in his crackdown on the forums being used to say stupid things.
“It’s a waste of space, and time. Yes there is free speech here, but I don’t want this place being degraded a place where people just come and say stupid ****. All the time people, mostly kids come in here and clog the walls and chat lines with stupid Chuck Norris jokes, and other pointless crap. They even went far as to slam this one guy for adding a chapter to his story in the Lit Room, demanding that he write pointless things. We’re getting mighty sick of it, and until there is a ‘Stupid Speech’ room, nobody wants to hear it!”
The KUF has even lost people because, well, of Chuck Norris jokes being aired all the time.
This weekend, thousands gathered and held rallies accross MapleWorld’s major cities and demanded that the government recall all Maple Peace Corps soldiers and high levels immediately. The call for withdrawl came days after the Maple High Council committed a further 1000 troops to the Alliance.

Steve Shardz, level 35 assassin, left Orbis for the country of Sinnoh to enter the Pokemon League’s annual champoinship. Shardz had spent much of last year outside MapleWorld on a special permit training his pokemon Gallade and Gardevoir, whom he plans to enter. Both of them, level 80+ passed the medical exam, and are eligible to enter.

The most upsetting game in sports history was so intense, the atmosphere at Dun Morough’s Caissiar Stadium literally melted the snow. The semi-final round of the International Hockey Leage’s Nationals for Azeroth has been the biggest opertunity the second rate WestFall quidditch team has seen and their astounding victory over Ironforge United will lead them to the next match against Silvermoon, where the winner will face the winning team from the Kalimdor championships.
For nearly 45 years, Ironforge United was literally undefeated as every season was a winning striek, with losses only pushing them to third place by the end of the season back in 1994. As for the WestFall Grasshoppers, they were usually very lucky just to win against Darkshire or Goldshire.

This year, the United suffered internal group dynamics issues that cost them games here and there, while the Grasshoppers pwned their opponents by far. Two weeks ago, the Grashoppers narrowly beat the Stormwind Warriors in a 86-87 game; soring the winning goal after 45 minutes of overtime. On Friday night, fans went insane on both sides as the Grasshoppers used every trick in the book to beat the United in a very tense game. The Ironforge United are now out for the season, while the Grasshoppers move on to face off against the Silvermoon Spitfire.

In the Kalimdor series, the Darnassus Sabres were forced to forfeit to the Ratchet Raptors. The Sabres were winning in a 21-15 game but the game was prematurely ended because too many of Darnassus’ players became injured. The Raptors will face off against the Orgrimmar Rage this Wednesday in the Barrens. Game starts at 4pm, 7pm Stormwind time (3am Orbis time) and be held live on GGN.

MapleWorld Regional Finals: (Champs)
VICTORIA: Kerning City Swampers beat the New Leaf Razors 4-1, next game for Victoria Champs is on Friday aganst the Ellinia Magic.
OSSYRIA: Orbis Suns beat Mu Lung Pandas 11-9 and are the Ossyria regional champions. They will face off against the Saskatchewan City Lightning for semi-finals on Monday.
SEA Lands: New Saskatchewan City Lightning beat the Border Town Jackalopes 14-7, and move on to face Orbis.
LUDUS CO. Omega ET’s defeated the Ludi Monsters 16-2
KOREAN LANDS: Anyong beat New Seoul 15-11

The Kerning PQ Team lead by Aznxknife Jr broke the world record for fastest KPQ. The world record, 10:49, set by AlanSmith’s team back in 1975, was broken by Aznxknife Jr’s PQ team who finished the PQ in 8 minutes 15 seconds.
This victory was achieved without using smuggled passes.
In LPQ, traffic was so jammed up on the weekend that no team actually got in for nearly six hours.
In PPQ, the minimum requirement to enter was raised to level 70 from 55 to prevent the number of people getting killed.
In the Maze, the fastest team did the Maze in 48 seconds, and maintained that time for over 20 rounds.

Look for MapleSAP’s sections on AuctionHouse and Free Market coming next issue!

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