Suffering from poverty

(1) Worst scrolling ever on a good weapon
I had a 98 ATK, DEX +2 gold raven with 5 slots left. After I scrolled the last 5 slots with 60%s, the raven ended up being 100 ATK. Ouch. Then I had to scroll more leftover ravens and buy some from the FM etc. Now I have one gross jaeger + four ravens (one of each colour). It’s quite the lulz but none of them are anything godly. Therefore, I’m broke.

I scrolled my 98 ATK gross jaeger around this time last year. Back then it was worth around 45 million. I feel **** for leaving for so many months, come back, and my GJ is now no more than 8 mil. And all this caused by rich people scrolling them 100+ ATK golden crows with 30%s.

Seriously, I’m hating this deflation. I’m a poor player.

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