Metric Arseload of Blog

I’m going to be in North Carolina all next week. Decided to dump this metric assload of blog on you all before I go. I know, I’m such a nice person :3

Intro pls.


1. GMS, which still sucks.
2. Carnival PQ, which is OK.
3. Looking for a guild because I’m bored.
4. Screencaps because I’m bored.
6. GMs used to be human.


Apparently there was a 10,000,000 meso compensation that I missed after the great guild hack. I went to Duey to recieve it, but it had already expired. Why do I always find out about these things at the very last minute?…

So yea. On my main account, I had a grand total of 7 mil left. That’s because a few months before all the guilds were hacked, I had done two expansions and changed the emblem of FluffMuffin twice. Once again, just my luck.

Carnival PQ~

I got on Cari today to try out CPQ.

To find out that…it’s actually great EXP.

But the people…OH LAWD THA PEOPLE.

I was in channel one trying to find a party when someone trades me. I open the window. He asks to see my maple bandana. I say no, sorry. He continues to send me over 9000 trade requests, and when he finally gets the hint that I’m not going to let him see my bandana, he defames me.

And then spams around the map, “EVERY1 DEFEME CARI!”

Holy shat on a Jesus cracker. What the hell is with these kids?

I continued to meet a colorful variety of pathetic excuses of human existence for the rest of my CPQ adventure. It was starting to get overbearing.

I finally decided that it wasn’t worth it when in one party, the leader insisted that every Maple Point which dropped belonged to him. And when I killed a monster and finally got MY FIRST Maple Point, well screw him! I picked the thing up.

And he expelled me.

So yea. I might give it another shot one day. Maybe when I can do it with people I actually know.

Speaking of which…

Yea, speaking of people I actually know…I’m looking for a guild in Broa. I don’t care if it’s active or not. Being guildless is driving me crazy. Multiply the sum of boredom by 9000, and that’s how bored I am without a guild.


Saved the good stuff for last, I guess.

Yesterday I decided to look though all 5000+ screencaps from MapleStory that I had saved over time onto my external hard drive. If anyone can beat that number, STEP UP!

Anyway, these are REALLY REALLY REALLY old. By that old, I mean maybe a year or two. Or three.

Screencap #1– Me bargaining with a hacker. Notice that I had already reported them…whoops.

Screencap #2– Me trying to scare someone away from our mush channel. And it worked

Screencap #3– My standard response to every “GF PLS” request. This one works like a charm.

Screencap #4– Don’t flirt with me. Jesus will make you blind.

Screencap #5– “Ligarots”, says the quean of tyops.


I asked Naz if he would marry me once marriages have been release for private servers, AND HE SAID YES! WOO! I’m getting married to an asian version of Dionysus, who also happens to be a seks god! Hoorah!

Err. Yea, I’m done now >_>;

Wait, isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? The guy is supposed to ask the girl…whoops.

It’s so sad. All he does is run from me…but F4 works like magic! It stops all men in their pixelated tracks. And then they don’t know what to do about it, so they just stand there and F6. They do that in real life, too. Funny how that works

GMs used to be human?

GMs used to be human.

And that ends this blog.

Bye now.

15 thoughts on “Metric Arseload of Blog”

  1. BlackNazgul said: “LOL are we engaged now?”

    Of course! ;D

    I think. Yea . . .yea?

    RussetAure said: “ZOMG, they used to be human.

    What are they now?”

    AIM bots.

  2. Rolololol Vicelin is like a sucka.

    And she sucks hard



  3. Sashimi said: “ahh.
    seems the server is always down nowadays . . .”

    Well, Darkie can’t keep it running 24/7

  4. You’re going to NC? Have fun in the most amazing place on the planet. Enjoy the amazing climate, culture, and overall ownage.

  5. tarheel91 said: “You’re going to NC? Have fun in the most amazing place on the planet. Enjoy the amazing climate, culture, and overall ownage.”

    Yea, that pretty much sums it up

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