The joy of healing and buffs. =]

Is anybody having trouble logging in on Firefox? For some reason, I can’t log in. I sign in and go to the front page as usual but when I go to post a new blog, I am redirected back to the login page. Now I gotta use Safari…

Somebody halp… ;-;

I’ve been hit with the insomnia bug so I’m doing a Perfect World marathon run. I’ve been playing since about 8pm and now it’s 2:40am. Yuki3 went up 2 levels before I got bored and logged on to Yuki2. I took a look at her stats and I’m thinking that it’s not as bad as I think. I just need to change the way I play a little bit. So, instead of completely abandoning Yuki2, I will raise her a bit differently than Yuki3. (I feel like I’m talking about pets or children >.<; I’ll have fun with her and go hardcore with Yuki3.

Speaking of Yuki3, while I was in South Stalking, I got hit with a debuff spell from a level 66 boss monster. Thinking I was going to die, I ran for my life but, to my relief, the monster was only throwing debuffs and no actual spells or attacks. Since I had nothing better to do, I followed the monster just to see where he was going to end up. It was pretty hard to keep up with it, (slow flying is sloooow) but when I caught up with it, I noticed it was chasing somebody. The player leading the monster told me that she wanted to get it to one of the newbie towns (lol newb assault) but for some reason, it couldn’t get over the bridge. She tried her best to lead it over but it just wouldn’t go and then after awhile, it gave up and teleported back to where ever it came from. Sad but it had great potential for epic lulz. XD

Soon after I logged on to Yuki2 to spread the joys of buffing and healing to everyone who needs it. I saved a few lives and missed some too. =( I ended up dying due to lag and nobody revived me. *sobcry* Later on, while I was in Ethersword, I got lucky enough to catch a rancor force in the nearby Logging town. I gained a few percentages of exp even though the higher levels killed most of my targets before I did. In the midst of battle, I even managed to make a new friend. Haha. Afterward, I walked to the far north, buffing everybody on the way and found a small set of level 20 boss monsters. I managed to kill a couple alone but they had a very high attack that I really couldn’t keep up with. I stupidly challenged one with a boosted attack and died because I mashed a self buff instead of heal…*sigh* I suck under pressure. After that, I teleported back to Ethersword and opened a stall so I could free up some inventory and storage space. When I set up the shop, I ran my cursor over my equipped necklace and accidentally dropped it. (i have a laptop with tap click…) Since my inventory was full, I dropped my HP pots so I could pick it up but they kept dropping in front of my necklace. As I went to turn my camera to pick up my necklace, some guy who I half noticed was standing there, pick it up and ran off.

…I expected that to happen but I didn’t think it really would. lol I didn’t catch the guy’s ign so I went off to buy another. When I went to the jeweler, I saw some guy making weird noises and following me around. I thought that it might have been the guy who took my necklace but I didn’t want to just up and accuse somebody so I ignored him. I opened up the jeweler’s menu and then I remembered that I had no space for the necklace in my inventory. In spite of myself I yelled, “For f**k’s sake!!” and the guy who was making weird noises said, “What did I do? lol”

…I wasn’t even talking to him. Idiot n00b incriminated himself. I got the feeling that he was looking for a good laugh by pissing me off or having me beg for my necklace back so I told him, “I’m not going to even humor you. Keep the necklace. I can get another.” He said, “meh…” and left. God, I hope he gets PK’d and hacked one day. What an ass…

Anyway, I bought the new necklace and opened up my shop. Now I’m waiting for the $$ to roll in. (COUGH COUGH YUKI2’S SOS DAN MART IN ETHERSWORD ON THE ORACLE SERVER COUGH COUGH) I probably might go to sleep and hope miracles will happen cuz there really isn’t anybody on now. :/

IRL stuff====>
My grandmother is threatening to die if I don’t see her. Now I’ve got everybody on my case. lol If she really does die, it’ll be on my head! O.O So I gotta see her this week. I should bring something nice but I dunno what she can still do anymore…bleh. I don’t know why she wants to see me so badly all of a sudden. I thought she’d be happy seeing her favorite (my little sister) but I don’t know… I’ll just have to see, I guess. lol

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  1. Paaaz said: “Maybe I’ll try that game sometime. :O”

    I know, I herd some good things ’bout it.


  2. That guy’s weird. -.- I mean, if you picked up someone else’s stuff, wouldn’t you run like heck away? >.>

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