Behind the Scenes of MMOTMS!

Ever wanted to know what running a private server is like?. . .
Well, I’ll take you behind the scenes! First, just let me do a quick introduction.

Hi there! I’m David. I think the only interesting fact about me that few actually do know is that I’m a teenager with a passion. Yeah, that’s me. Don’t dis the picture because I lost all of my other ones when I reinstalled my computer. D:

If you haven’t heard of MMOTMS, well, simply said, it’s a private server. Since this blog is not an advertisement, and to show you what a private server REALLY is like, I think plenty of you would be quite surprised. Running a server isn’t as complicated as it seems!

To start off, there’s only 10 items that you need. o.o That’s not too much is it? Apparently, for those of you who thought that you need a bajillion items and such, remove a few hundred zeros or so, and you have the right number! Here’s my Desktop, if some of you were curious. (Yes, it’s not that messy, but it’s not that clean either.) Since I recently restarted my computer… it’s missing some essential items. T_T But still, working great! =D

When everything’s installed properly. . .

Anything functions with a centralized place where everything is stored. Well, in case you were wondering, a MapleStory private server is just a HUGE chain of tables, all interconnected to each other! If you can notice, passwords have to be encrypted, so that’s the only part that’s sort of hard. =P (is totally lying here, since all you need to do is use a calculator.)

The only true difficulty of running a private server is fixing stuff. I mean srsly, do you understand that stuff at all? D:

But when all is well and done, this is what it actually looks like.

Not exactly all flowers and pretty aye? Hehe, hope that cleared a few curious minds later on.

To keep this blog relevant to MMORPG’s. . . I’m gonna talk about. . . RUNESCAPE.

Well, Runescape has been an entertaining experience. Actually taught me the basics of a free market trade but whatever. I have a crudload of screenies but is too lazy to upload them. (By has been, I mean that I have quit recently.)

The main reason it’s criticized so much is that the graphics are just not. . . that. . . exciting. Well, to prove countless hundreds of thousands of people wrong. . .

Ja. That’s RuneScape for joo. Fullscreen, and you don’t even have to download. >.>


I ran out of things to say. :[

Any more questions/stuff you were wondering about?


Well you can enjoy this picture of a crying bunny. ;[

15 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of MMOTMS!”

  1. Still looks confusing to me! D:

    I could never do it.

    Not to mention my dad runs our server, so he’d find out about it faster than you can FJ across a map.

  2. o.o okay, works for me. I’ll upload a new one. D:

    EDIT: Hah! Now it works.

    EDIT: Woah, I didn’t even. . .

  3. The crying bunny makes me want to feed it a gazillion carrots. Poor little bunbun. T.T;

  4. Darkwar4ever said: “What? It’s not even that complicated. T_T'”

    Yes it is! T.T

  5. whatX.

    Geeks don’t play sports.

    And geeks don’t have a tan.

    -cries- My tan is getting so . . . tanned, 3 hours in the sun EACH day. Ugh.

  6. How did you make RuneSCape full screen? XDD ANd why are the icons like that?

    EDIT – Is that like some kind of edited insult to WoW? I just realised how similar the text box and map looked. >=O

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