best game ever! i found it!

I’ve been planning to write a blog for about 3 months. Each time i began to write it, i got lazy and canceled it to do something stupid and pointless. Anyways,

Yeah i just had to do that. I haven’t done that in months. It felt good. Im pretty sure you can read it. If not, screw you D=<. Turn off your Grammer Nazi vision and you can read it. Talking in capitals feels wierd. But i guess it helps. You can feel the difference if you say “**** you” to a friend and “**** YOU” Also it reminds me, swearing on a online game is harder than it seems. I usually swear in a playful manner to people i know, and saying to someone i don’t know and not in a playful manner felt akward. I’ll learn. It was my first time anyways. I bet i’ll get the hang of it and soon use caps locks with it. But i might turn into one of those people who just come up to you and start randomly swearing at you with thier caps on. I swear, those poeple are annoying.
Anyways back to the topic,
Yes, i found the best game in the world. Indeed, there is no game better. And if you happen to find one, screw you D=<.
Everyone knows this game, and if you don’t once again, screw you for making me contradicting myself again D=<.
The game is the best.
The game is wonderful.
Its brilliant.
It has the best storyline.
It has a plot!
The game is…MGS4!!
Its the best game ever!
Its basicly made for everone!
For people who like shooting things, it can be played as a FPS, more people who like sneaking, you can sneak around the shooting and stuff and for retards who like looking at playboy magazines, i think you can playboy in the game and look at it (If you bought it for this reason, your a retard.) You can probably do many things with it, but im too lazy to list them all. And i could also go on about this game. But im also too lazy.

Beyond this paragraph, it will tell what happened so far in the games i play (mostly mmorpg).But rather than tell all my recent experinces for each game in a couple paragrphs imma sum it up to a few line of words cuz im too lazy.
Flyff- Quit, too lazy to get to level 60
MS- Quit, bored of it
Trickster- I think i quitted about 5 minutes after the closed beta which was like a year ago
Gunbound- Quit, i heard that you get trojans D=
Rakion- Quit- Got bored. Cash items ruined everything
Wolfteam- Quit, too much like other FPS games
Mabinogi- Quit, too boring, i read it got 74ish/100. Thats bad
Combat Arms- Quit, too much like other FPS games
Command and Conquer 3- Would play bet grphic card sucks. Geting a new one
Warcraft 3- Still play custom games online. Never get old
Starcraft- I suck at this game
So to summarize it up- i quit almost all games. Too borig D=. I realized CD games are better. List of games to get

Starcraft 2
Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War 2
Finak Fantasy 13? Maybe
Call of Duty 5 (I heard they’re making it and maybe this year)
Supreme commander- Some new crap that coming out
K now imbored of typing. I now realized i could of used this time for something else. O well.

13 thoughts on “best game ever! i found it!”

  1. You quit Combat Arms? -.-

    And comparing online games to console games isn’t very fair. >_>

    Why I liked this I don’t know why. Maybe ’cause you’re a MGS fan.


  2. MSG is a fatty product used by many asian restaurants D:
    I never knew they made it into a game. . .
    What do you do? Make people eat you? D:

  3. Rakion- Quit- Got bored. Cash items ruined everything

    That, unfortunately, is true.
    But uh, 1-10/Basic Mode = salvation?

  4. That’s why I still play on my Playstation.

    Final Fantasy 8 and 9 FTW!


  5. Oh, MGS4 rawks!
    But it’s much harder than MGS3 in terms of camouflauge, I mean, it’s hard to use urban camoflauge.
    Although then enemies are kinda stupid,
    They stare at a crawling piece of floor and don’t even bother shooting it. Even the alert meter wasn’t on!

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