Private server madness.

Well,I’ve been hopping from one private server to another all day.

Cheeze convinced me to play SMS. So i got there and he helped me and stuff. So i lvled to 30 in like 2 hours. I trained on the construction site and went on to the dungeon. I was just spamming double stab. Killing them idiot monsters.

I reached lvl 30 and went AFK for a while only to find that stupid cake boss had killed me. Anyways,no EXP loss

I even met Quack there . NOTICE: Quack is a nub

Then i got bored and greedy. So i wanted faster EXP.

So i googled private servers,and i got like 100 of them.

So i went to the one that promised 100x exp. Apparently the site SUCKS. The site moves slower than the tortoise in that old story. So it timed out on me.

So i went back to playing SMS for a while. I smega’d for whoever online to talk to me. Evilstranger and some other girl whispered. Seriously,there are like 20 people on the entire server at the time I play.

But it’s pretty good. Every single small cake drops maple items o.O So I NPC’ed all of them and got like 5 mil before lvl 25

Ah,SMS. Could be mistaken for messaging. (random). Anyways,so i hopped on the OdinMS bandwagon for a while. It sucked again. It was only like 8x exp compared to 30x exp in SMS. Oh,and i met a guy when i started the game.

He took an hour to type a sentence. So i ditched him and went to train. Then suddenly,an urge of crap hit me. I quit OdinMS.

And i found out that,MS in general sucks

Anyways,I don’t think Cheeze is anywhere near quitting the blasted game. He’s a White Knight in the game and is loaded with Nx and mesos. He had 77 mil. He gave me 100k to start off -.-“

So i guess I’ll play GMS till i get my character to lvl 70,then it’s bye bye maple.


12 thoughts on “Private server madness.”

  1. when you go to a maple private server, do you have to download everything again?

  2. Wolfguy184 said: “when you go to a maple private server, do you have to download everything again?”

    Nope. I’ll teach you how. Message me.

  3. I play private servers just for the heck of it and to see all the nice shiny maple weapons and to get a perfect character. And to see a few mill to my name. But I enjoy the challenge (well, you could call it that) of playing regular MS as well, since you put a greater value on things that you put in effort for.

  4. MikuniZer0 said: “Are you the one with the IGN Varun? F3”

    Sure as hell.

  5. Haha, good hamÂ… Wait! You better not quit for good. Well, at least give me my money back! D<

    And, uh, I’m level 100 now with like 110mil! Expect a blog about all my progress as soon as I get unbanned on MasterCheeze. >.>

  6. Uh. Uh. Stupid question no. 1: What’s the SMS website? I suppose maple’s one of the only games I can play right now but I hate the official server.

  7. Good luck with normal MapleStory, takes a lot to get through it.
    I’m thinking of just trying SMS just to see how the higher levels are. 30x is nice, but it just doesn’t give you the right to boast about it, haha.

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