I am BACK/Suspended/The new maple.


I’m Bob.

Nah,just kidding.

How long has it been since i wrote? Like 5 months?

So i got suspended in basil again. Guess the reason this time. I said “Bandits rock” in a bowman’s thread. Isn’t that a bit TOO harsh?

And that too after i wrote my bandit training guide.

Now i cant answer any queries given in the comments. This sucks,this truly sucks.

Anyways,i logged on a bit and checked out the new maple.

Well,i got buffed by that administrator woman and hopped on the boat to orbis. Again,during the boat ride,i got a trade request.

Me : “isrel?????”
Me: “then why are you playing this game?”
Dude: “Yes”
Me: “Go die”
Dude: “1233”


So i was trying to ask people whether v/hoodoos give better exp than orbis glitch pq but no one seemed to know.

So anyways,I’m writing this while waiting on the ship. There are like 50 people on the ship. Seriously,i’ve never seen such a crowded ship.

Anyways,i saw people wearing that new showa bathrobe. Wow,what a disappointment. It looks like crap. It’s like a white skirt. Wth? Good job nexon. You wasted a year of our time for that crap. Good job.

Anyways,i think i’ll check out showa sometime later too. Cya.

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