Funny videos and pictures.

Hi. This is Varun again.

Well, I did log on to maple this past week. It was really boring. But I did manage to get a really funny situation.

Well,I went to the free market and picked on some random girl.

I told her that she’s so hot and cute. She asked me to be her BF. I played on and said “I love you” and stuff.

What followed was this epic picture: link

Lol. Yeah.

And adding to my even more funny but old free market situations comes this: link

Lol,I know. People can be so funny sometimes.

Well that brings me to another point.

I made another video parodying the movie SAW. Well, this video includes a hint of pokemon as well


Well, That and there are too many patches now aren’t there? Nexon keeps coming out with them. Well that’s all I got pretty much.



6 thoughts on “Funny videos and pictures.”

  1. That’s a bit mean. .___. You could’ve just not mentioned the video.

    Well, I thought the pictures were funny, and the movie made me lawls. Your accent is wicked awesome.


  2. Do you live in India? Cuz i swear, your house looks like a typical house back home

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