[Arley] LIFE IN THE TRENCHES Chapter 1


“See, I told you everything would be all right!” Arladerus chuckled.

“You never said anything about that! All you said was that the captain was dead, leaving me in despair!” screamed Azanith somehow, even with all the water.

“Anyways, we have to get out of here,” said Arladerus. So, Arladerus brought Azanith along with him, dragging her like a doll or something, while she stayed limp, basically doing nothing. Finally, he reached the tower and climbed up the B2 floor.

“Yay! Out the water, finally!” exclaimed Azanith.

Suddenly, Arladerus realised something – She was wet. Very very wet.

Is it just me, or is it cold here?” inquired Azanith.

Thoughts rushed into Arladerus’s head. “Nononono! Not good, not good at all. She’s wet. She’s cold. She’s wearing white. Nononono…” “I know! Let me cast Fire Charge to heat things up a bit,” said Arladerus, out loud. He then casted his Fire Charge, drying up himself and the Cleric.

“Thanks. So, where are you going?”

“Well, I’m strong enough now to do the fourth job advancement and become a Paladin,” said Arladerus, thankful that she changed the subject, although she didn’t know what it was. “I need to head off to Leafre.”

“That sounds great! Can I go?”

Arladerus tried not to look at her, to keep the thoughts out of his head. “Uhh, sure. But you’ll need a lot of potions. I already have thousands of potions from New Leaf City. The best you can get! But for you, let’s drop by El Nath, and I’ll buy you some Mana Elixirs.”

“And here you go. 5000 Mana Elixirs.”

“Thanks! I always thought high level people were assholes.”

Arladerus chuckled once again. “Ehhh, most of them are. Most of them are lifeless like Dest1. Anyways, the sooner we get out of here and back to Orbis, the better.”

“Why?” Thoughts rushed back into Arladerus’s head. Why? Because it’s cold here and you’re wearing… white.

“Uhh, no reason. Anyways, let’s go.” They went to the Orbis tower, and at the top of the 1st floor, he used an Orbis Rock Scroll and teleported himself and the Cleric to the 20th floor. They then took the blue bird-ship thingy and set off to Leafre.

He thought to himself, “At least we’re away from the cold now…” Suddenly, a large gush of water splashed on the blue bird and everybody on it. He then looked at Azanith…


Finally, after the 5 minutes of hell with Arladerus trying to keep his thoughts on things like fire trucks and Halo, he accidentally thought about Nintendo Wii. However, when he thought about it, it was the end of the flight, which Arladerus was thankful for. After they got off the bird and were at the station, Arladerus looked at his Map. “Okay, we have to get to the Forest of The Priest, which is located somewhere in the Valley of The Antelope. The fastest way to get there is by the west side of Leafre.”

When they reached there, they were glad, because all the monsters were extremely strong. Arladerus saw 4 mighty figures, knowing that they were the 4th job advancers for the 4 individual classes. He then saw a man with a broad sword. He immediately knew it was the job advancer for warriors, as he has seen pictures of him in books.

“Greetings, young Arladerus. You have traveled far to get here. You are of a selective few who are strong and with enough perseverance to reach this level of greatness. What do you wish to become?”

Arladerus responded, “I am a White Knight, who shall become a Palad-”

“Wait, a White Knight? Why didn’t you just become a Crusader or Dragon Knight like the rest of the people?” Arladerus frowned. “Ok ok, most White Knights get stuck as a Page. Hmm… I’ve never done this before. Ah, you’ve brought me a gift?” The job advancer looked at Azanith. “If she gives me a lap dance, I’ll advance you.”

Arladerus and Azanith exchanged stares, but Arladerus’s stare won the silent battle. Azanith climbed onto the job advancer and did a lap dance. However, it was more literal, for she was stepping all over his legs and crotch with her high heels.

The advancer panted. “Oh god, my balls hurt like hell… I will be true… to my word…” He paused and took in a deep breath. “I’ll… advance you to a Paladin.”

Suddenly, a bright light shone over him. Azanith took out her Maple Scanner and checked again – Now it said PALADIN instead of the previous WHITE KNIGHT.

Then, a random message appeared above Arladerus’s head. DUH DUH DUH DUH! (Play the TLoZ gained item music) You’ve gained erection!


(However calm Arladerus may be, He Cannot Grasp The True Form of Captain Fal- Azanith’s Attack!)

(Hopefully you enjoyed this short fanfic of mine… If you wish to have a CAMEO, and I mean CAMEO, you will not be part of the main storyline, send me an MMOT-Mail! =D)

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    Then, a random message appeared above Arladerus’s head. DUH DUH DUH DUH! (Play the TLoZ gained item music) You’ve gained erection!

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