They, WHAT!?

Jeeze… you don’t have to yell at me. -.o

Froggy auctioned off my virginity!


Wait a minute… since when did I become the guild whore!?
S’not fair! Dee is in it too! What about herrrr?

Mkay, so anyway, I’m just peacefully killing Blue Kentas, when I see this smega that says that my viginity is being aunctioned off.

“Bidding starts at 5mil.”

So I’m like: “Double yew. Tee. Eff, man!”


So then people start bidding for me. I don’t have to say anymore because you can just look at the screenies. They speak for themselves.
I didn’t know that many MMOTers were interested in my virginity.
Also… I didn’t know that I was Froggy’s mummy or Dest’s daddeh.


Moving on now.

Some things on the side.

I found a FairFrozen!

Lololol, and then I gave it away to my friend, Dragoon.

Also, Tenna decided to stalk me…. then we were both prompty stalked by a dragon. Creepy looking. o.o
Then Tenna showed me how much he failed at sitting on a chair.

Lmao, thanks again for the flower shirt, dude. <3

Anyway, right now I can’t log into SMS. I dunno why it’s giving me the cannot login message I showed you before when I have the IP address correct. I guess I’ll try later.

~Happy Mapling from 13lue to you.

15 thoughts on “They, WHAT!?”

  1. Tenna is fail at chair.

    But where was I while all this was going on? Fixing my Dad’s computer. I miss everything fun.

  2. Hey, I’ll be able to get on tonight, ya goofballs. Gonna watch Iron Man first! And not the cheap Froggy-way of doing it online. DO YOU HAVE POPCORN, FROGGY?! I THOUGHT SO… you probably do. :(

  3. Well all I could say to do is to re-download the entire package from Odin’s server:

    Unzip that to a folder, and point the shortcut there. It’s what I did, and it’s working fine for me.

  4. I’m so lubable. Look at all the happiness I caused. ^^ You can see all the happiness with the words. Especially the ‘I’M GOING TO KILL YOU, FROGGY!’ part.

  5. Yes, indeed, you spread love and happiness throughout the world, FunnyFroggy!


  6. Yay!
    I may not be on too much today, cos i need ane arly ngiht for my exam O:
    But i promise tomorrow

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