Someone Kill That Drama Llama! Jeeze!

It’s FREAKING annoying.

Hmm.. where should I start. I’m writing this thing in the dead of night so I’m totally brain dead at the moment.

Oh right, right.

First of all:

I log on to see people in a bit of a spurt here in there. People coming at eachother’s throats. Coming at them hard.
Srsly though.
So I ask what’s going on.
But like most of the time. I’m ignored. But then I just eavesdrop and hear people bad mouthing eachother. Not naming names. But I’m disappointed in them. >:o
Not only that, but I find out that multiple guilds were created and some people abandoned MMOTales for the other guilds. That upset me greatly. I thought MMOTales was a close knit family and that we all got along. Then this happens and dispite my pleas to come together, my voice falls on deaf ears. Or maybe people don’t want to listen to the bratty emo girl that everyone dislikes to a certain degree. *Cough*

I love MMOTales. Remember what I said in a previous blog? If MMOTales fell apart, then I would too. You guys were the ones who slapped me in the face and told me I was being a stupid idiot whenever I got into an emo fit. I was grateful that you guys gave me a place where I felt loved and accepted. I felt even better when we finally had a community to call our own.
But sadly, the sweet apple was left to rot for a little too long.
People started attacking eachother. Accusing eachother. The place where we were supposed to be brought together was actually tearing everyone apart and I adopted a sort of Ghandi approach, hoping I could snap people out of it.
I would leave the guild and be a loner every time everyone would fight among eachother. But then I realized that why would people stop, just for the sake of some girl on the internet? I… sorta lost hope for everyone. ._.

But then David came to the rescue and said something himself. And people calmed down… like if his voice was magical. Either that or because they knew he had the power to banhammer their asses. ;>>

Either way, people settled down.. people got along. Everything ran smooth again and it made me happy. I rejoined the guild.

I hate it when you guys fight. It’s like listening to my parents argue every day which I already have the mispleasure of going through. What’s ridiculous is that people fight over the dummest reasons. But anyway, enough. I won’t say anymore, it’ll cause more problems.

Now on to the screenies!

Screenie #1

One of David’s events. The one where he warped us to FoJ and then we experience major lag. I pressed the screenie button and got this. I wasn’t expecting this but oh well.

Screenie #2

That time a bunch of us decided to Zakum. I was lagging like hell as always, so I decided to show you guys the lag from my point of view.

Screenie #3

Another one of Dave’s events. Me and Dest got scared. We were both in a dark place. What more can I say?

Screenie #4

That time I got chased by the ass load of birds. o.o;

Screenie #5

Yet ANOTHER David event. The winners of the Ludi PQ event were warped and given little presents.

Screenie #6


After an event, Aaron and Wayne decide to make me lag. ><;

Screenie #7


Me, Wayne, and Crash stand triumphant after a battle with Zakum.

Screenie #8


That’s… oh wait. o.O;
Lol I made that for fun. D:

Screenie #9


This one explains itself.

Screenie #10


Eh… getting tired of coming up with explinations.

Screenie #11



Okay, wow, finally done. ._. *Turns on AC* Wait…. not yet.

In real life:

I’ve been trying to help my mom get a job.. with little success.
See, my parents worked for my grandmother.
But now that she’s dead, my parents are out of a job and we basically have no income. Which means if we don’t do something soon it’s bye-bye home that I live in and bye-bye internetz and bye-bye fun, games, my boyfriend, and MMOTales. ;_;

I’ve resorted to selling things to get money for my family..

;>> No, not my body you sick little things. >:0
Selling things like.. my old GameCube that my mom bought me for christmas as well as all the games that I had. TT_TT
*Waves bye to games and cube*
I’ll miss youuuu. Dx

My mom has been drinking more frequently and has been much more depressed.
I understand why though…

So yeah… if you don’t see me for a while, that means the worst has probably happened. I’m not too happy about it, but there’s no other way unless I resorted to prostitution. But that would put a damper on my future job applications and besides.. being a hooker is gross. <////3

Okay srsly, end of blog. This was prolly the longest one I ever did. o.o;

~Happy Mapling from 13lue to you.

15 thoughts on “Someone Kill That Drama Llama! Jeeze!”

  1. Here’s to hoping your life gets better.

    And have fun on MMOTMS. it’s why it is running. ^^


    (Lol, it’s Falerix. )

  2. True13lue said: “Or maybe people don’t want to listen to the bratty emo girl that everyone dislikes to a certain degree. *Cough*”


    An attitude that I’ve encountered several times too many in these first 15 years of my life.

  3. Innuendo said: “People coming at eachother “

    Innuendo said: “Coming at them hard. “

    ^already pointed out but oh well XD

    Innuendo said: “But I’m disappointed in them. “

    uhh o.O

    Innuendo said: “MMOTales was a close knit family “

    Verrrrry close knit.

    Innuendo said: “dispite my pleas to come together, “

    Innuendo said: “I felt even better when we finally had a com “

    Innuendo said: “The place where we were supposed to be brought together was actually tearing everyone apart “


    Innuendo said: “why would people stop, just for the sake of some girl “

    This one’s kinda mean…

    Innuendo said: “like if his voice was magical.”

    That’s not all that’s magical.

    Innuendo said: “he had the power to banhammer their asses. “

    Innuendo said: “Everything ran smooth again “

    Innuendo said: “pleasure of going through “

    Innuendo in Screenie 1 said: “I wasn’t expecting this “

    Innuendo in Screenie 2 said: “so I decided to show you guys the lag from my point of view. “

    (Why are those pieces of ice so sharp?)

    Innuendo in Screenie 3 said: “We were both in a dark place. “


    Innuendo in Screenie 4 said: “That time I got chased by the ass load of “

    Innuendo in Screenie 5 said: “and given little presents. “

    The background used to be a forest.

    Innuendo in Screenie 6 said: “? “

    Innuendo in Screenie 7 said: “ANOTHER BECAUSE MY BIRD COVERED MY FACE “


    Innuendo in Screenie 8 said: “I made that for fun. “

    Innuendo in Screenie 10 said: “… “


    Something in Screenie 11 said: “Not much but look where iFro’s sign is pointing. “

    Innuendo said: “Wait, not yet.”

    Innuendo said: “This was prolly the longest one I ever did. “

    ^ can’t believe I almost missed this one!


    1, 2, 3, 4… 25.



    Innu- err, Pirkid* said: “Here’s to hoping your life gets better.”
  4. Well, I couldn’t find one in there.
    ^ this one doesn’t count

    True13lue said: “LOL, Jon, you ninny. D: Stop pointing out my innuendos.


    Nu! It’s fun! XD

  5. Ganzicus might rhyme with mucus
    And lazydame might rhyme with lame
    But you’re blog is insane!

    XD! Yay!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  6. In response to your parents: Social security and welfare come in handy at times like these. Might as well use them anyway. My generation isn’t even going to get our social security money, I bet. Too many baby boomers sucking it up like an unstoppable vacuum. Every time I pass construction for a new 55-or-older development, I want to cry because I realize that’s where all my social security and taxes are going. It depresses me greatly.

    Err, anyway. The drama llama is going to die, don’t worry. I’ve had some talks with Sashimii about . . . certain things, and she’s going to take care of them. We’re on good terms now.

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