Carnival PQ is awesome!
I had a great experience today!

Well since i had been on vacation, I had no idea what this was, but with a little trial and error, I got amazingly good at it!
Pretty much, for those of you who don’t know, cpq is a battle between 2 parties, to see who can get the most cp.
The one with the most at the end of ten minutes wins! You can’t use pots in here, but the monsters drop them extremely frequently. Monsters also drop carnival points, and different items to hurt the other team. You can pick up stunners, darkness cubes, and even skill lock! It’s really fun, and the EXP is better than training/LPQ

And also, if that’s not enough, you can win a spigelmann necklace with +1 to all stats!

I only pqed for 1 hour, and got a level up, and another 25% after!
( was at 85% at start)


So im happy

also, still willing to start tutoring for gunz!!
PM me on profil3, basil or here!

MMO: Toxin
Profil3: Toxin
Basil: xStealtherX

2 thoughts on “cpq”

  1. Yeah, and also a hefty bonus at the end, depending on whether you won or lost, and the ‘rank’ you got, which is dependent on the points you earned during the match.
    Best-case scenario, you can earn 30,000 EXP every ten minutes- and even more from the monsters you kill during it. Having a level 50 assassin take out Rombots super-quick = exp.

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