An Epic Return!

Well well well, its been some time now MMO hasent it?
So in my epic adventures of playing wow…. I QUIT (What a surprise).
So forgetting that it was time for some more of that maple goodness!!!
Obviously my first time back exploring everything was i could say interesting, Leafre wasent all that i thought it would be and seeing the FM swarmed with skill books wasent cool either .
None the less i made some new friends (I think all my old friend’s quit </3), So a nice part of this blog to remember them by, Fyrerii, Ghettoalbino, Kaitoulunar, Xiaolinmagic, Miragehyren and ofc xBlazethiefx :].
Anyway back to maple!!
Instantly into the cash shop if you know me got myself some smexy new gear as my first ss will show ;0
Then i went off an stalked Katheh Ppq sounds awsume (Only want the hat tbh) screenie 2.
Then me and Katheh went to Herb town because we were totally bored and we met a guy, He seemed ok but after we had talked for like 10 mins he started begging for 2m for his lvl 22 shield….. <—-Screenie 3.
Forceably after Katheh had to go and all my other friends had suddenly gone, I went to the fm to make even more
Hence finding a near enough twin!!! <—- Screenie 4,
And OFC the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. ME HAVING MY FIRST LVL BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! haha… <— Screenie 5.
So yeah…. it feels good to be back =], I must say have missed maple and still missing al my old friend’s!!!
Thats all i can really tell you about for now
-That good old dragon ;P.

3 thoughts on “An Epic Return!”

  1. I thought I wasn’t waiting for that part in the blog you leveled
    I was waiting for my pie to be done. . .

    ~LaZzz. . .(Welcome back, ya scalliwag!)

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