yay 51 and cpq >.> defense scrolls any1?

well, its been awhile since my offical blog >.>
besides that other one about ksing the guild o.o
well, im finally lvl 51 -the fun part wheeee-
and i started cpq and mpq.
the new cpq is somewhat , well simply, HECK ALOTTA BETTER EN LPQ >.>
oh sure u get scrolls, maybe, but cpq, 50 coins get u a 1.5m to 8m necklace >.> -clean-
experience? rofl, one win with RANK A in cpq in 10 MINUTES is more than the usual 30 minutes avg
wow , and after that?
i reached lvl 51, mpq’d
-i didnt know there was lvl 70 monsters ther- o.o HOLD MEH JEN!! =[
oh wait, im an assassin >.> haha, sucker tauric watever, i can hit you, but you cant hit meh >.>
i think im starting to memorize the mpq layout, and imma try out opq later

btw, how was everyone in mmotales?
u guys hated my stories, i kno
but my imagination is a blunt as a rock >.> -maybeh blunter-
i liek that rangers owning ms liek mafia, with mages as hostages, and warriors and assassins as heros
i forgot who typed that, srry whoever it was, it was kewl story >.>

and btw, how come people, wen i ask em, SELL there def scrolls?
i mean, cmon? who else i gonna use it? and also, def equips are heck betta than attk equips, in hunting terms
in my point of view, warriors should use those scrolls -def- because of all the mesos they use for pots
wit less concern on hp, they could have more mesos for better weopons right? -over time-
just asking bout that

boo fangblade >.>, addicted
for tiger to get a life, fangblade had to lose his >.>