K, I just made a mmo account, and pretty much I will just post here the same things that I do on Profil3 =P
Umm K, my name is Tom, I have a 45 cleric in Bera, and alot of 4x retired chars in windia =P
Err… yeah thats about it. Also I play GunZ on the ijji server, so if you ever want to play me just ask ^_^

link/Toxin]My Profil3[/url]
link/user/xstealtherx]My Basil[/url]

K, thats all for now

4 thoughts on “Blog”

  1. ^^^^^Agreed.

    Welcome to MMOT. . . .

    Please ignore whatever I say to you, for I do not know what I’m saying.


  2. No, you don’t post the same things here as you do on Prolif3, I mean, Profil3. This is MMOtales; that means, MMORPG related stuff. Profil3 is like, random hodgepodge of everything in your life. Yeah.
    Not that we don’t like random hodgepodges, it’s just that you need to talk more about MMO than anything else. Or else it’s spam.

    So, welcome to MMOtales.

  3. welcoem to mmotales! =D

    ello tom hoep you enjoy youre stay! =3

    eh so u dont play windia? D;



    o and catchy titles willg et people to read your blog! =D


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