the amorian ks challenge

here i was walking around amoria so i decided to kill some sakuras on my mage when all of a sudden this bandit started to ks me. i was like wth man and he said haha ur a noob. now that got me pissed so i logged into my hermit and started to ks him. next he logged into his dk and start to use roar. i was like thats not cool so i called everya1 on my bl and guild lv70+ to help and we all started to ks him. then he called his 4th and 3rd job friends and after an hour of ksing his side started to give up. i told my friends we should stop now and he was like what ur giving up already and i said dude look around theres only 3 of you left lol we won and he was speahless.

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  1. You’re one to talk. If you could spell/capitalize properly, it would be easier to read.


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