The Story of MS: Ludibrium

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Ludibrium, much like Orbis, is a town high in the air. However, unlike Orbis, Ludibrium Castle is supported by two enormous 100 floor towers, called Eos and Helios. The entire castle is made up of toy bricks, which while it may not seem strong actually provides a formidable barrier to most monsters. Ludibrium is so high in the air that it experiences sunshine 365 days a year. Despite their playful, leisurely appearance, the people of Ludibrium are highly advanced and use factories to produce incredible amounts of toys and use an advanced power system that relies on the immense energy hidden in Tachions and the flow of time.

The towers, being so enormous and valuable, are often a target for the local monsters. So, the soldiers of Ludibrium must clean out each of the towers from time to time. Lately, however, the number of soldiers has been dwindling due to the threat presented at Omega Sector, and the Ludibrium Soldiers have resorted to asking adventurers traveling through to clean out the towers for them. some of the monsters are Ratz toys, created by Nemi to try to eliminate the monster problem but ended up actually increasing it. Others, like Tweeter, are ordinary monsters that nest on the outer walls of Eos Tower. Still others are toys from the Toy Factory that have gone astray. The strongest monster that is attacking Eos Tower is actually made out of leftover bricks used to construct the tower itself! The Block Golems came to be through the evil influence of Dark Crystals. They want to destroy the tower and use the blocks to create even more golems. The leader of the Block Golems is Rombot, a monster so tainted that it has grown beyond redemption and must be destroyed once and for all.

Drum Bunnies are another cute toy monster that went out of control. Somehow, they were exposed to the force of Darkness created by Dark Crystals, and began using this energy to operate. They became wild and enraged, destroying the tower. The General in Omega Sector thinks that it could be the attacking Greys that are to blame…

Eos Tower is not the only area of Ludibrium that’s in distress, however. The Clock Tower in the center of the Castle has stopped ticking. A monster that slipped through the Cracked dimension stole the Clock’s pendulum, causing it to stand still. That monster ran to hide in the Hidden room of Eos Tower, full of Doll Houses. It had the uncanny ability to disguise itself, and managed to blend in to the houses. Luckily, a keen-eyed traveller noticed a subtle difference and destroyed the monster, retrieving the pendulum. The traveler then returned the Pendulum to Grandpa Clock in the Clocktower, who fixed it and started the tower ticking again. For a while, it seemed like the invasion of monsters from the other dimension had ceased…

Unfortunately, that was not the case. The monsters from the other dimension just kept slipping through, and they only became more powerful the longer the crack stayed open. Alishar, the gatekeeper that guarded over the door of dimension between worlds, was corrupted. He began to send through all sorts of powerful monsters from the Other Dimension, with the Pass of Dimension that allowed them to slip through the door. As more monsters passed through the opening, the Other Dimension began to leak into ours, making areas near the Door inaccessible to those without Passes. The door was gaining size due to the Crack of Dimension, and so soon all of Eos Tower might be in danger. The King of Ludibrium found that the only logical course of action, with all the soldiers being preoccupied, was to find a party of strong adventurers who could travel into the abandoned tower and have them sort out the mess.

By defeating the monsters from the Other Dimension and taking their Passes of Dimension, the party was able to force their way through the contaminated area of the Tower and proceed deeper and deeper. Alishar was threatened by the approaching party, and summoned more and more powerful monsters to challenge them. The King Block Golem from Another Dimension guarded the doors to the spare passes, but a stealthy thief was able to sneak past unnoticed. Alishar realized he needed a more cunning enemy, and brought through the leaders of the Block Golems of the Other Dimension, Rombad. The party of adventurers were shocked at Rombad’s ridiculous power, but they defeated all three of the enemy leaders, taking their Passes of Dimension as well. Alishar’s final trap was a complex code he devised, locking the door to his throne room. The party eventually guessed his code and broke into the Throne Room, only to find that it was empty! Luckily, a lone Dirty Ratz from the other dimension ran out, and dropped the Pass of Dimension. The item’s power forced Alishar out of hiding from between the dimensions, and he raged against the party. After a long fight, Alishar was defeated, dropping the keys to the Door of Dimension and fleeing back across the threshold. The party was rewarded for their efforts by the King of Ludibrium, and the King’s messenger promised that should Ludibrium Castle ever need saving again, they would be the first called.

The peace at Ludibrium Castle didn’t last long, however. The town’s power source, the Time Sphere, was being disrupted. This posed a huge problem, as without it the flow of time around the town would be completely stopped. The King dispatched a team to check out the Time Sphere, which was located deep down at the base of the Clocktower. Their report wasn’t good; the number of monsters down there had grown exponentially, with many new kinds of monsters down there as well. Worse yet, the Time Sphere was leaking Tachions, the object used to produce its power, and would have to be replaced. Mr. Bouffon, the King’s aide, recruited a powerful traveler to help restore the Time Sphere. The traveler went down into the Path of Time and defeated the strong monsters there, which had become evil after obtaining the power granted by Tachion. Mr. Bouffon only requested a small number of Tachions at first, to make sure that they would work. After combining the Tachions with a small amount of Mysterious Powder he had already collected, he managed to create a tiny replacement Time Sphere. Now that it was known for sure that the two would react, the traveler gathered both Tachions and Mysterious powder en masse.

Mr. Bouffon, grateful for the favor, began using these materials to construct a full-size Time Sphere that would later be taken down. A new problem had developed, however; the crack of dimension caused by the leaky Time Sphere was growing bigger, and more powerful monsters were coming through. Papulatus, an incredibly powerful monster that made even Alishar’s abilities pale in comparison, had already passed through the crack and was leeching the Tachions coming out of the Time Sphere. Simply replacing the existing Time Sphere wouldn’t do the trick anymore; Papulatus would ruin the new one as well. Someone needed to defeat him once and for all, to ensure that Ludibrium’s power source could exist undisturbed and out of danger. First, however, the crack had to be sealed so that Papulatus couldn’t just escape back to his own dimension.

After Papulatus passed through, many other monsters began to follow it into our world. Some had even passed through the exact same crack as Papulatus, while others had passed through one of the smaller cracks caused by it. The traveler, under the direction of Flo, a powerful magician, headed down to take out the Grim Phantom Watches and Gigantic Spirit Vikings, monsters from the other dimension. Finally, after killing hundreds of them, the traveler found a piece of crack on one of them that was identical to the one caused by Papulatus’ intrusion. Flo gave the traveler the piece of Cracked Dimension, and sent him back to Mr. Bouffon. Once there, he was told that he would have to gain far more power in order to defeat Papulatus. After training himself for a long time, the traveler came back and asked how to reach the clocktower’s lower floors. Mr. Bouffon informed him that the Time Sphere’s power chamber needed a special medal to enter it, and that medal had been stolen by the incredibly powerful Gatekeeper and Thanatos, monsters second only to Papulatus itself in pure strength. The traveler defeated these daunting foes, taking back the Ludibrium Medal needed to access the Origin of the Clock Tower. Finally, he used the piece of Cracked Dimension to seal the hole between worlds, causing the old Time Sphere and Papulatus to be forced out of hiding. Seeing its escape route was blocked, Papulatus launched a series of vicious attacks, and after a long, drawn out battle Papulatus was at last defeated. The new Time Sphere was put into place, and the traveler was rewarded, named a Hero of Ludibrium, and given a powerful cape to symbolize this victory. The crack between the dimensions was sealed, but that doesn’t mean all the problems caused by it are fixed yet…

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