effing channel hogs

So, I decide one lazy afternoon that it would be good for me to train one of my low level accounts like my level 17 rogue. So I decide to go the hunting ground. Guess what?. Nearly every channel was packed. You gotta expect that when the game masters give you double exp. So I went up to the 2nd hunting ground and some level 75 hermit is training there. 3
words. What the heck. So he kindly asks me to change channels by saying, “CC YOU ****ING FRUIT”. Apparently
I didn’t get the memo being called a fruit is an insult. So I respond by saying, ” Uhmm no?”.
This fool kses everything that moves from me. I changed channels to 15, he was there. I moved to 17, he was there. He was like a cop and you were the person driving a speeding Porsche. You couldn’t shake him loose. Then he called his partners in crime to defame and ks me. Imagine having your highest level a 47 and your on a level 17 rogue against 6 low lives above level 70. Like dropping a 3 year old in a high school cafeteria. Not a pretty picture. They followed me for hours on end taunting me ksing me then i called my buddy the big bad hermit to do me a favor. Turns out he was the level 75 hermit ksing me in the first place.I’ve never seen his hermit,he’s never seen my rogue. I have never talked to him since. (F.Y.I. This happened like yesterday)

5 thoughts on “effing channel hogs”

  1. Hoo boy. Can’t imagine his reaction when he finds out you’re asking him for help to KS him. =S

  2. That is one crazy coincidence. o_O

    When people act like that during events it makes me want to quit Maple. Why do they have to ruin the game for the rest of us who are playing peacefully? Ahh,

    Hang in there. ~_~

  3. SilverFx said: “LOL.”

    Woooooooow, are you still friends with him?!

    Welcome to MMOTales btw!

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