dam hackers.

on basil, lot of people get hack. and they lost they acount(poor people) my friend got hack. and he lost all his mesos. maple is for good people,not people that like cheating on this game. i saw (on basil) a guy lv102 been hacked. and he lost his acount. nexon must do something! oh! and by the way. gm do nothing to stop that. <_< hackers must be BANNED once and for all!!

6 thoughts on “dam hackers.”

  1. Since the beginning of all online games, there have been hackers. It’s just a fact of life.

    -=The Nazgul=-

  2. Hackers are like the roots to a plant, which represents legit people.

    Without the roots, legit people would have no immature people to bash upon. ):

    Without the plant, hackers wouldn’t have any fun ruining it for others.


  3. So how do you want them to go about doing that, hm?
    If you have no solutions. . .

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