Maplestory-The story of MS: Orbis

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Orbis is the first town that a traveler from Victoria will arrive at on the vast continent of Ossyria. Orbis is not actually on the continent anymore, however; through the force of Lithium crystals refined in Magatia and enchanted with the powers of alchemy, the city is actually floating in the sky, high above the El Nath mountain range. The town was raised into the air a long time ago by the goddess of Wisdom Minerva, who ruled over Orbis. She spent much time in a special tower built for her by the humans of Ossyria. Recently, the humans brought a huge statue to her, made in her image; She liked it so much, she had it moved into the Tower so she could drink tea and admire it every morning. Many travelers paid her a visit every day, and not all of them were human or fairy; occasionally, monsters would come through. This day, the unsavory Papa Pixie came into the tower, asking Minerva to sell some Water of Life to him so that he might create more Pixies. Minerva would not part with the Water of Life, however, and he was forced to leave, quite unsatisfied.

The next day, the goddess awoke to find that her statue had been broken! The culprit had broken in overnight and destroyed her prized statue, but accidentally left a footprint. Papa pixie came by not long after, offering to fix the statue in exchange for the water of life. Minerva was so happy with this news that she didn’t realize how suspicious Papa Pixie was behaving. After Papa Pixie left, the humans came by, and Minerva quickly covered the statue with a nearby cloth, embarrassed that this could happen to a goddess. She decided that it must be fixed as soon as possible, and thus was forced to hire Papa Pixie. Her chamberlain, Eak, tried to point out that this was a bad idea, but he nagged her so much that eventually she ruined his cloudy body to force him to be quiet. Papa Pixie, seeing that Eak was now disposed, brought more and more pixies in to the tower. His final act of deception ready, he asked Minerva to model for him so that he could fix the statue properly. She went into the ruined statue and Papa Pixie sealed her there, hiding the pieces of the statue all across her tower to prevent her from being released. Only a daring party of powerful humans could possibly challenge Papa Pixie and free the goddess from her marble statue prison…

and many areas of the floating island have fell into disrepair and were eventually overtaken by monsters. Some residents of this area refused to move, despite the monsters looming outdoors. One such resident is the fortune telling Sorcerer, Spiruna. She has been able to foresee Orbis’ terrible fate for some time: the floating city was slowly sinking and might soon crash into the ground! No one knew exactly what was causing the town of Orbis to sink, however. One theory that was proposed was that Orbis was getting heavier due to the rapid increase in the number of monsters on the island. The dark forces unleashed by Zakum and other incredibly evil monsters led to this increase. Particularly, the Jr. kitties seemed to be to blame. Upon finding a brave soul to take out hundreds of them, the island’s sinking slowed down, but still persisted.

After further investigation, it was discovered that the pixies were causing this. They were leeching the power from the clouds and stones keeping Orbis afloat to regain their HP and MP. Finally, after roughing up a lot of Pixies, enough clouds were recovered to repair the damage they caused. Spiruna used her cloud sprayer to redistribute them evenly and Orbis was saved.

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  2. Wikipedia said: “Orbis, the Latin word for “circle”, “ring”, “sphere” or anything round or rotating.”

    In Maple Story, Orbis is the center of transportation. How do you get to Mu Lung from Victoria? Orbis. How do you get to El Nath from Victoria? Orbis. How do you get to Ludibrium from Victoria? Orbis. How do you get to Victoria from Ludibrium? Orbis.

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