To scrolling to apart

Sup bub

Okay, well people might not know me or they be living under a rock…

Well to start

my bandit reached 44

I havent being online for a few weeks so my buddy list went to epic to phailure

When i did log on yesturday

I felt like wasting all my mesos

Well i had 3k nx left

So i bought gach with it.

I got all 70% (ps pics or didnt happen tugboat you)

i scolled it on a wg 2 worked and the last one didnt.

I bought 2 60% and it both worked.

so i have a 8 atk wg now.

I had 22 mil left.

I see alot of nx dudes with a top but not a bottom

and i found out that sauna + nxed top = sexy

I had a sauna and so i wanted to scroll it.

I wasnt dexless

So i had to get a luk sauna

In fm i spammed B>LUK SAUNA@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

I had one guy offer 21mil to me

and i said no since that was basically 90% if my money

I bought a 4 30 % for 3 mil each so i had 8 mil left

1st broke

2nd broke destroyed

so i bought a sauna and scrolled it

It worked

i bought a 10% so i felt lucky

it failed….

I tryed my last scroll it was a success

So in the end i had a 10 luk 7 slot sauna

well i bought stuff and it ended me spending 21 mil :p

Well im back now. Sooooooo

E is for emotional ruins eveybodies day

M is for miserble people

O is for on the dark side cause we have some fresh cookies

EMO SONG(c) nigahiga.

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