I’ve done this before But hey whats another 4…100 times :]
Today was generally good.
I suppose 😡 Logged on and went afk for 8 hours 😡

Saw some guy trying to kill an AFK hermit = ___ = She eventually died
I’ve been in leafre for ever I lvled two times being there o_o pretty awesome
my goal being 111 and I’m 107 now
I also wanted to find more skill books so i could get enough money for a zhelm

._. hope so anyway

3 thoughts on “Soo”

  1. You know, in Taiwan MS.
    Skill books are very cheap.

    Most of the selling NPCs belong to hackers.
    They’re all so rich. Damn it.

  2. *Realizes she left an AFK char.* Why do I have to be at work?! WHYYYYYY.

    *Waits 8-10 hours to check on it.* ~.~

  3. oh ah! I was going to say something, but a lightning just struck and i JUST felt a slight earthquake no joke, and i forgot what i was gonna say, guh,
    ima just read my book about global warming, >__>
    er, dang, i wish i could play maple, but vistas not compatible with it, T______T

    – VanillaPocki –

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