Ohhh Yay

Thus the hard work!
About time

It took maybe an hour the skele’s give like 4.5 to like 4.7 I think. No boomerang book though thats my point to training at skele’s
I did find a lvl 100 bowman overall so yippy (? shrugs lol)
Auron came to cheer me on o_o . I mostly LVL alone all the time so it was nice having company
Although Auron is werid…He says the weirdest things D:
I made 2m today off training. Werid I NEVER make money I mostly ….loose it I guess
I’m going for 111 now T__T wish me luck. I’m happy i have enough money to DO so.

I’m talking more in guild o.o Lol I’m the only girl around like a lot of guys so yeah
Sometimes It isnt …fun lol

Also this random stupid guy in FM just goes an defames me. I got beyond mad because he did it like 3 times. So I found my list of char info’s from my friends and my own chars and I defamed him like 15 times. Grahh pestering

picture time!

Tis true.
Lol yay chris lvled

Well picture time is over ;~~;

-Outta ms life nao-

Welll I got a A- on my excel exam today It was a little hard its those trick questions with all good answers but only 1 right answer…like the DMV written test ughh
I got another exam tomorrow for like 20% of my grade …?
Maple life on halt for studying LAMEEE.. lol

Then sometime next week I’m going to Big Bear for a mini holiday which is just what I need @__@ Stress is getting to me
Right now I’m alone like home alone I’ve been alone for like 5 days now. It feels weird doing my own thing. My parents are both outta state and yeah I don’t mind it
Friday I got a English test…I should be more aware of these things *needs a day planner*

Well ttyl Going for 110 starting tomorrow. =)

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