È giusto.

Well Helloooooo

I have no idea where to start
*taps keys*..hm..

Oh well let’s start with what this site intends for shall we?

I’m due for a ….*shifty eyes* Zhelm. I think thats exciting. 80m and 40 goes to whatever guild sounds reasonable and the rest for …uh …Well nothing I don’t really need anything else. So I’ll have 40 random spending money & 40 for some random stranger to get me a shiny helm thing…thingy
Random strangers
always do better at the job then me anyway.
I’m tempted to get more gach tickets to see if I can get another SCglove thing.
Gah they’re so ugly too but they go for like 40 – 60m
I bought a 4 int 2 slot kage for 3m
snickers (not the candy but I could go for one right now.)

I’ve been playing COD4 mad crazy. My friend ratted me out to the rest of the party saying I was a girl. Oh god, so many..(how do i say this nonoffending)…Pathetic men…
I swear I’ve never got so many friend invites in my life AT ONCE.
It’s like they never saw a girl shoot a gun and own them *ehehe* They must not get out huh?
I’m even better then my dad & he actually grounded me for that just 1 day but wth is that?
Almost ranked 20 On COD4 mostly all my friends are like eh..30+ So I do feel kinda of noobish

I can’t wait to get off COD4 for Brawl I’m getting excited I hope it doesn’t suck and I get my hopes up..(It can happen ..happens a lot in fact)

Moving off the game …life? would you even call that a life.

I got a totally random job interview on Friday (caught me off guard)
It went okay. Boring…very boring reminded me about therapy
&& oh this is very excieting
I don’t have anymore therapy no more no more
not until I get !&!^@*#ed up again (you can fill in the blank if you like)

I’ve been thinking about this summer and what not. I want to do something worth my time so I got two places I want to go

1. Orlando (For): Disneyworld etc ~
2. Paris (For): I’ve always wanted to go? (shrugs)

Orlando sounds more fun then sights to me But I dragged my mom into Orlando for now.
&if no one knows I’m totally in love with Disneyland (World). I always ask if we can go monthly.

& I am still…Recovering.
I keep hearing that I’m “Better off”
I don’t know what “better off” is? But if they say so then apparently its okay.
But (gurrehgsg) Talking to him makes me want to stab someone. Yes It’s THAT bad.
(If your not up to speed I’m talking about my ex)


I think I got all the ….blah outta my system.

But you know what helps?

Being in my car listening to MCR really loud.
And…Running a red light on accident

Ah so.

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