I hate quitting…

Since the beginning of maplestory I have quit about 3 times then came back, I hate quitting because if I came back the prices are all different; everything I own is worthless now, and I’m poor. It can’t get any worse right well it can all my friends even the friends I added because they were noobs (people that messed with them got ksed by me) got higher lvl then me because I missed glitch orbis pq which got my friend from 51 to 70 in 2 days. I might quit again because of school and all the work I’m getting and I started skating so to much crap.

Its sooo addicting I can’t take it, maplestory is like crack or something it calls me to play sometimes and when it won’t start because my computer hates me I get mad and my inner voice(like in the hulk)tells me to stop I listen sometimes. O well ill just keep going and quit and come back in the pattern I’m going in


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  1. I’ve quit quite a few times for my own personal reasons.

    Remember, nobody’s forcing you to play Maple Story. If you are addicted to the game but you also don’t enjoy the game, you should try doing other things*. Maple Story isn’t everything and I hope you’re aware of that.

    *Possibly sports, going out more, television, using IM services, STUDYING, and possibly reading. Find something that suits your interest. Maple Story isn’t always going to be around, so you don’t want to quit and hope that you can turn back to it.

  2. Yeah. Also play another game or something, like poker Except only betting chips worth 1 cent each. DON’T GAMBLE!

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  3. I get that too.
    But, Maple’s call gets drowned out so easily amongst the louder ones of school and other commitments, and since I never bothered much about market prices until I have to start preparing equipments for the next levels, I couldn’t care less if my assets devalue or whatever. ;D

  4. I quit a year ago and joined back 2 months ago.

    SUUUPPERRR changes. I see things costing over 50 mill.

    And getting a Zhelm is almost a must when you hit lvl 55+

  5. Fenrir said: “Then don’t say you’re quitting, its the wrong term for it.

    Its called a ‘hiatus’.”

    Or a break, respectively.

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