The Road Forth

As promised, I am putting up somehting. I decided that I didn’t want a time skip in M.A.S and wanted to tell the story of how he got to M.A.S Series 2. So here it is.

The Road Forth

This is the story of Jess after he crash-landed onto Florina Beach. Knowing nothing of what had happened in the past, he struggles for the future.

Paving a road forth, learning by looking back.


As the sun rose and dawn broke, more and more people were gathering to the bay. The trees swayed from one side to the other. A boy who was dressed in a swimsuit ran to the bay, unknowing of what happened, looking only to have a day of fun.

Shocked at the amount of people there, he put his beach ball down very very carefully under a bush, and brushed a small amount of sand off of the top. As the sand hit the ground, the boy nudged past the amount of grownups. There was a body, very bloody and disfigured on the ground. Another one was lying next to it. But wait, its chest was moving up and down. People were muttering about how it was still alive. Someone was talking into his communicator, talking to a hospital. The body was not much older than him, about as old as the boy in the blue swimsuit’s brother. He had moderately long hair and clothes that looked like they were slashed. There was driftwood that looked like the wreckage of a ship on the beach, being hauled out to the ocean by the tide. The one with the long hair rose up. He looked at the dead body next to him, which seemed to be more horrible and grotesque by the minute. The one with the long hair suddenly fell back to the ground, coughing out large amounts of blood.

The boy in the blue swimsuit’s eyes started to glaze over in horrible awe. Then, an adult bent over to cover the boy’s eyes, leading him away. A squad of people clad in the white suits of the elite medics to move the two bodies away was the last he saw.


Ch. 1- Happy Go Round
I opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was a tall man in a white suit holding a clipboard.

“You woke up about 3.6 minutes earlier than I expected.” He scribbled something onto the clipboard.

“I’m in a hospital? What happened?” I tried to remember, but the most I could find in the blur that was my memories was the name Rowen. Then, the name Mike. I tried to remember MY name. Jess.

“Jess.” I blurted out. The man in the white suit looked pleasantly surprised.

“You remembered your own name. According to my diagnosis, you should’ve had complete amnesia. Actually, you shouldn’t even be able to talk. I thought you would forget EVERYTHING, much less the ability to form complete sentences.” He scribbled some more onto his board.
“Tell me what happened!” I implored him. Wait, what did implore mean- ah yes, commanded.

“I’m afraid I know nothing of this. I am not even a doctor in this hospital. I work for the government, and decided to investigate this matter. By the way, the government has taken care of your hospital bill.”

I was about to retort with some rather rude remarks that surprised even me when I remembered them. But I bit my tongue and decided to be polite. There would be more answers that way. “Thanks,” I muttered.

“Now, I know that you were on a freak shipwreck. As far as I know, there no other living witnesses of this, so I have decided to keep a government file on you. You won’t be watched, but you won’t have too much privacy either. I am leaving now.” He lowered his clipboard and turned to leave.

For some reason, time seemed to slow down for me. I had one purpose in my mind, What’s on that clipboard? My vision seemed to zoom in on the paper and I saw one thing before it ended.

Shipwreck= Hackers Guild?

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  1. Whenever I hear the name Rowan or Rowen, I always think of a man in a white suit.

    That’s been happening for as long as I can remember. Very well written, nonetheless.

  2. Seems pretty good, for now at least. Has potential to aspire high heights, or go crashing into hell. Anyways, GJ. But bad cliffhanger. It is too good, and now I shall have to wait for a while until your next chap.

  3. I’ve already written two chapters. I don’t really have much planned for this thing, I’m just letting it fly off.

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