Private servers?

Sorry for not writing a blog for the past.. week or so. I’ve been on vacation and didn’t have much going on about Maple then.

Anyway, a friend asked me to join a private server with him. I’ve known him for a long time, and I considered the idea of a faster, different way of looking at Maple. Of course, I always check in with my budz at MMO to make sure there aren’t any strings attached to this. f3.

My friend says the exp is 8x the normal rate on Maple, the money drops are 3x the normal rate, and he also added that fame is worth 1m. o_o I’m still going to ask for more details about this, but given this information, are all private servers safe? Are there any “viruses” or such in private servers that I should know about? Also, what are the risks and benefits of playing on private servers instead of normal?

Help me out here guys.


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  1. Most of the time, you have to download a separate client, which could easily be a nice pack of 9000+ viruses or an actual client =/

    – getting banned from the official servers
    – getting 9000+ viruses on your computer
    – having your computer catch fire because of the aforementioned viruses
    – having your computer explode because of the aforementioned viruses
    – having yourself hospitalized due to shrapnel wounds because of the aforementioned explosion
    – finding a server that actually works
    – getting yourself all the good stuff in a short amount of time
    – getting bored of the game
    – moving back to the official servers because you were bored of the private ones
    – getting bored of the official game
    – quitting the game altogether
    – becoming depressed because you don’t have anything to do
    – committing suicide because of the aforementioned depression

    – phat lewtz

    WoW private servers, on the other hand, have almost no risks unless you host one

  2. I know the server that you speak of and am currently playing on it. It’s clean – no viruses, no spyware, nothing like that.

    The 8x exp rate IS fast, but it’s not so fast that you lose sight of the value of training. Any level above 30 WILL take at least a LITTLE effort to get to.

    The bad news? Depending on where you live, lag is inevitable. Also, there are plenty of features in the game that don’t work yet.

    PS: If you do decide to play, watch yourself. I got killed by a flying goby in the middle of the Kerning construction site.

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