A long awaited return?

Oi oi, I think its time to pull out the chips and dip to celebrate. I’m here and actually deciding to post currently. Guess you know what this means, non? It means I’m back. -Smile-


Well..at least I’m appreciated for my return somewhere. -Looks in the audience-. Erm..well..At least I was thinking I’m happy I returned, guess thats a good thing.

Well, As I state everytime I make one of these, I always have to relate it to the game. Which in this case, Happens to be Maple-Story. I know I know, you all love my off-topic subjects and rants, but they’ll come later on.

To re-cap, around Mid January, I left Maple Story and MMO Tales (basically most other Maple related sites) in order to make sure my school work and life was kept prioritized. I didn’t log on Maple till my Break began. (It began 2 weeks ago. Lucky me ;D). So since then, I’ve been pretty left out from the festivities.

Upon my return, I was expecting Spamming of 4th Job skills around my face, Show-offs, Pompous and over-confident Maplers that believed they ruled the world…Instead, I discovered only the same old Show-offs, and pompous and over-confident maplers that believed they ruled the world. Also a few Orchids, Daisies, and Roses on my way to Orbis. Oh right, when I came back, I saw the whole Price Change thing with the boat (Which I believe got changed again?) oh lord was I surprised. 1) it costed me 50k or something. 2) I apparently had no more money left. 3) Wait Leafre is around?

So yeah! Amazing, I know. Oh right and another thing. What in the name of Chocolate is the PG Hack? I come back only to see a bunch of freaky 7x Swordsman (yes Swordsman) hitting 3k on Monsters in my maps and not even moving a pixel. Moment I saw that I thought to myself “I know I’ve been gone for a few months but I KNOW that isn’t right”. So, with some digging around, talking with some of the NPC Locals, and the people training in Leafre, I discovered something new. This hack was annoying!

Just to throw it out there, when I was downloading Maple onto my computer again, I was thinking of Maple being in an Era of Peaceful activity…But no, some moron had to Leak out these hacks. Geez, like I wasn’t already annoyed by the fact I had to pay 45k more to ride a boat, but now these guys? What’s the world coming to?! And another thing, Duplication Hacks? Oh C’mon, like Maple wasn’t bad enough. I was already broke on my ass with little money and the only things I had in value are now worthless?! Jebus, does the Maple God hate my return that much? Geez Its not like I’m an unfaithful Mapler. Just a very uncaring one (for the game anyway). Yeesh, gimme a break, my eyes are hurting from seeing all the cheating. -Looks at my Math Test- MY EYES!!! jks..

I was happy about 1 thing though. I was really about it, actually. When I returned I came to see that many of my pals had still left me on their Buddy-lists. Its not that I was doubting people on deleting me, but I was expecting them to delete me cause I was simply inactive. Fortunately, that was not the case for most. (Some people changed characters upon my temporary leave). I thought to myself, I really do have good friends on this game. I’ve always emphasized this a lot during my previous blogs, and I will keep doing so in this one to continue the streak. The people in this game aren’t just pixels, their also people whom are unique and are different from one another. They feel the pain you do, and share the pain you feel, and live some of the experiences you may experience. I’m sure everyone gets a warm fuzzy feeling when coming home at night and seeing your Mom/Dad/whoever smiling and saying “Welcome Home” (Or something along the lines of that). I may sound corny, but I got the that really odd feeling. People were there when I came back, I was happy about it. Friendship even in this virtuality has meaning.

Oh right, back to the Maple..well err I guess all I can say now is that I find Maple depressing upon returning. Hackers are back now. Even idiots are here..well they were here before but I think its worse now…But thats only what I think. My opinion varies in the perspectives of others, but I can’t argue, you’re all entitled to your opinion. Just don’t spew your Opinion out at me unless you’ve got some good arguements, otherwise you’ll be the one looking like the idiot, rather than me for once ;D

I guess you’re all sick of reading my blabber, non? For those that get this far, I reward you with a treat. -Gives you Cocao and Cookies- Enjoy, I bet reading my lame and boring stuff makes you thirsty and hungry from something better than this…

Well, 1 more thing to say. I guess I’m off to being away from Maple again. I don’t think my return was the one I wanted. I’m un-downloading Maple Story and again and I’m gonna have to block myself from this site, (Along with the other Maple sites I’ve been on since my return). I thought I was returning, but It seems like I’m not coming back anytime soon.. So once again, Farewell until I blog again. I’ll be around when the times get better. I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with Hackers in the past and I’m sick and tired of dealing with so many of them.

Farewell till the time is right, I wish you all the best.

SplitStrafer, Broan Ranger
SplitMoon, Broan Priest

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  1. But sometimes, like humans, these online friends make drama, and they make it even worse than real life ones, because you can reach out and slap them across the face when they start. >.>

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