Interesting Things.

People are interesting.
What happened was,someone in the guild begged me to price check for him a rather well scrolled maple wagner.
The thing is,i dont know the price since i used shytty daggers till lv65.Period.
Cos my other equips make up for the dmg.So i dont have to waste my time buying a good dagger and waste somemore time trying to sell it off.I said to him,for the upteempth time.
Then he tries to pricecheck a wa9x+ skewer,knowing very well i am a fandit.
I will never use a skewer ever.Period to that too.
And i dont price check things for anyone too.
Then he asks me to find him a Brown wg.
Like i am his maid.
Then again,since i surf the FM for good deals,no bother at all.
Just,he never state wa.
After asking him again and again like 3 times,he finally says
‘Oh i dont know,i got a 60m budget’
[/FAINT] ._.”
So i went
‘You know this thursday the maple event giving free owls of minvena you know’

‘I tried,but i cant find one!’


Interestingly,someone in the guild had spare owls to use,and she tried.
The FM really have no Bwgs at all.


Another thing about that guy,his friend,who is also in the same guild,just recently made a bandit. (It’s going to be a fandit or pureluck dit,whichever i dont know since he never say clearly)
One day,his friend pms me,asking me how to add the skill points of a rogue.

Forums dude,all the info is there for a reason.
And rotting there isnt one of it at all.

A few days later,he asks me how to add a bandit’s sp.
And soon i found out,the guy who wanted the bwg,apprantely helped this buddy to add his bandit’s sp.
LV18 DISORDER? (It was around there)
WHAT HAPPENED TO READING THE FORUMS! (Which he said he would,i even took the time to give him 3 links)

Appeantely people cannot be bothered.
They sit there like young chicks waiting for their mothers to feed them worms.

The super funny thing is,he remade that character….
How can you freaking add wrong sp / ap for a single same job char 3 times in a row?


My close beta char got deleted D: Ahh well.
So i made 1 ,since silver and posb and the rest was playing too.
Err wait,what server are they in?
*Checks watch*

It’s like 1am in the morning


*Move cursor over Mars and Venus*

Heck,i bet they be in the Mars chn.

*Creats 1 char in Mars*

The next day….

‘Hey silver you guys in Mars rite?’

Venus duh.


Luckly,that char was barly past lv 3
Thank god for that.

Then back to maple madness.
Cabal seemed boring,untill countless of Full Orbis pq later.


*Force Archer created on 18th!*

@Lv10 Dam i short of 2 str to do my advancement (i add ap base on furute eq ap requirements see)
@Lv11 Job advancemnt!
@Lv20 DAM AGAIN!!I SHORT OF 4 INT ._.” (totaly forgot to follow that char state thing)
@Lv21,around 90% Job advancement again! (LOLED)

I got 2 chaos lamps,can anyone tell me what they actually do? 0_o
All i know is they can be npced for 250k,or sold in shops for around that price. (drools)
And i missed one cos some mage ksed me D:

*Training intensively*
Some female mage runs past me,chased by 3-4 giant beetles.
*Traning intensively @ somewhere else*
Some guy runs past me,chased by like 4 zombie lncyhorn wolf thingies.
*Wonders:God how many people get chased around that frequently?*
*Traning intensively @ somewhere yet again*
ANOTHER!! girl runs past me,chased by like 3 giant snakes?…
Question answered.

*Hunting stuff when a mage by the looks of it runs near me,and suddenly some flashy skill surronded me and her*
*Runs,then realises she somehow buffed me with a +wd skill even when we wernt in a pt.*

Quest:Hunt 10 zombie lncyhorn thingies.
*See skeletons in a red marked area while hunting 10 zombie thingys*
*Pokes 1 for fun*
*Kills it,pokes another,and ended up being chased by 3*
*Is murdered by a zombie mage thingy* D:
*Walks back,completes quest,go back town*
*Sees another npc with a quest*
Quest:Collect 10 leader zombie lncyhorn thingies teeth
*Walks back there and hunts 10 teeth thingies and goes back town*
Quest completed,new quest appear!
Quest:Get zombie thingy blood.

Thats my cabalstory for now

Incendiary <3 48th place in the Guild Ranking Board

14 thoughts on “Interesting Things.”

  1. lolz! joey dat alien is 7x in cabal le, zzz
    hahahas, so dats whr eona has been, >.>
    i hav like given up on cabal since my com hates it so much.
    always dc >.>

  2. repty said: “Is it really that fun ? My bro plays it and the first thing that popped in my mind was “This wasn’t as cool or fast as they showed it.”


    Word. =P

  3. Yeah, collecting the things for Cabal is a pain the the ass. I died doing those at level 21. x_x

  4. Hey I looked at Cabal’s website, it looks pretty sick =o
    But it looks like its for Europeans only, is there a US version that I could download? Or does the European version work even if I live in the US?
    Pretty hilarious maplestory, and you’re a good story teller I totally hear you. dumb people = fail

  5. My ign is Eona (i think) Venus server
    And ty blood,though i fail in spelling D:
    And i dont live in euope nor us,so i dont know.

  6. Lolz.

    Those people running past you chased by monsters makes funny comical images pop into my head DD

  7. Is it really that fun ? My bro plays it and the first thing that popped in my mind was “This wasn’t as cool or fast as they showed it.”


  8. Lol, cabal seemed sort of boring to me
    Perhaps its the hella annoying lag that keeps me away from the 3d games!

    ~LaZzz. . .

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