The LOST Parody-01

Alright, so I’m just screwing around, wasting my time during spring break, when suddenly an idea pops into my head. It was so stupid and idiotic, that I pushed it aside in an instant. So naturally, here I am, sharing it with you guys.


The Last of Shadow Templars

A Parody

Background Information

November Alice Zerra (Nova aka BlackNazgul): A Shadow trained by the Nexon Dominion. She is a telepath and can move things, see things, even kill things with her mind. The Dominion itself fell in the end of November of 3007. She married Damiver Lazin, a childhood sweetheart who literally saved her life. They moved to NLC and lived there for a year before the events of The LOST. She is a loner and prefers to be alone.

Damiver Lazin (Lazydame): Found and took care of Nova when she killed her entire family and their attackers in Lost in the Shadows. They lived together for a few years, constantly on the run from the Dominion’s soldiers, before finally being captured and thrown into circulation. The two meet again after a few years apart and Nova remembers her past life with him. Together, they bring down the Nexon Dominion and get married. Damiver is reckless, and tends to get himself into trouble that usually ends with his friends bailing him out.

Maldran Argali (Ganzicus): Usually the slower witted one of the group. He carries around a Spas-12XPL shotgun in The LOST. His captain, whom he had served under for a couple of years, fell victim to the S-Virus (Shadow Virus), leaving Maldran the sole survivor of his squad in Lost in the Shadows. His valor and bravery is to be commended though, for he is loyal to his squad and will stick with them until the end. Maldran has a hard time getting women, (i.e. Lily), but he tends to try nonetheless.

Felix Shadeswalker (AzNxKnife): Felix is the captain of a platoon sent out in Lost in the Shadows to investigate a mysterious black sphere that seemed to have dropped out of the heavens in a freak lightning storm. However, things soon get tangled up, ending with his superiors wanting him dead. He always carries around his S-16 Scarab Assault Rifle, for it is his most prized possession, but it got splattered with zombie blood in The LOST. After Michael dies of the infection, Felix scavenges his G-35 Ghoul Assault Rifle and wields it in memory of a fallen hero. He is a proud character.

Mikhail Shale (Eden): A lone gunman who single-handedly brought down the fledgling Dominion back in the day. However, as the Nexon Dominion rose back up again, he gathered up a fearsome army of 300 soldiers, codenamed EDEN, and went on a personal crusade against the Dominion. He realized his brother, Fenris, was actually the leader of the Dominion, and we find them deep in battle in the closure of Lost in the Shadows right before Nova drops a nuke upon Orbis. Mikhail manages to escape the nuclear missile and is now the leader of the squad in The LOST. He can also be a bit too demanding and forceful.

Naz Black (BlackNazgul): Shadow Templar. Basically the most badass killing machine you will ever lay eyes on. His last name is his choice color.

Lily White (AxiomFable): Shadow Templar. Cold and crude when it comes to manners, but in times of war, she is an unstoppable force. Her last name is her choice color.

I’ll start with one scene today, just because I have a long background section. If there are any more, I’ll have around three or four scenes with our characters. Enjoy!


We find our heroes on the topmost floor of the Ancient Research Facility, Grid 033/092. The place is infested with zombies, and they have finally fought an assault off. They continue to search for Damiver, who had been taken away earlier in The LOST. The storm outside continues to pound the ancient facility relentlessly with torrents of rain.

Maldran: Well this sucks. I’ve had enough raining for a lifetime.
Felix: Yea no sh**, I mean this is just ridiculous. Whoever wrote this script must have no life. Or he’s just very depressed and cries a lot.
Nova: Shh, quiet you morons, do you guys here that?

A ghostly but familiar whisper floats through the air

Nova: I think it’s Damiver!”
Mikhail: Righto men, let’s up and at them! Let’s go and get them! Let’s lock and load! Let’s…
Lily: Yea shut up old man, we get the picture.
Naz: But we don’t know where he is! How can we follow a whisper that seems to be coming from every friggin direction?
Maldran: Let’s triangulate his position!
Lily: We need three points to triangulate, genius…
Maldran: Right, so we’ll pick a point in between us and him! Three points!
Lily: That makes a line, not a triangle.
Maldran: Exactly, a line which we’ll follow straight to Damiver! It’s the perfect geometrical plan!

Awkard Silence

Naz: You know what? Maybe you should just stop talking, Mal.
Maldran: Yea, I’m getting pretty good at that!

Yea, just a little spur of the moment thing. Maybe I’ll make more of these, I dunno. I will, however, concentrate most of my writing on the actual chapters. These parodies will just be whatever pops into my head at the time.

Anyways, later you guys, and I hope you liked this stupid idea .

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  1. Lol, I sense this idea might have originated from my thingy I wrote
    Lol, it’s okay, that was a spur of the moment too!
    I gotta get working on that too!
    T.T so much work!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  2. Well, the MMOTalers in parenthesis submitted their names to be characters before I wrote Lost in the Shadows.

    -=The Nazgul=-

  3. I read the little parody and I keep on thinking the group resembles Red vs Blue o.O

    I dunno what’s with me and that thing o.p

  4. BlackNazgul said: “Well, the MMOTalers in parenthesis submitted their names to be characters before I wrote Lost in the Shadows.

    -=The Nazgul=-“

    So that would be… all of them?

  5. MasterCheeze said: “Nova is a married loner that wants to be alone? xD”

    Forever and always.

  6. Let’s just say, the only company she enjoys is Damiver’s, and if he’s not around, then everyone else disappears.

    2002 Likes: Queen Elizabeth, mother of the present queen, dies.

    -=The Nazgul=-

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