New Character!

Hey, wats up?

I started this blog cuz I was bored. I actually saw some people on BasilMarket with it, so I guess I just signed up. Anyone know how to add it to my BasilMarket ID? I got a new character in Mardia. It’s level 15 right now, trying to train it to level 16, because that’s when you can trade over 1 mil.
So I’m not going to bore you or anything, and Im not addicted… or at leasat not at the moment. It’s summer now, WOOT! But my new computer is being built as we speak (ordered it online) and will take two weeks to get, and the other computer is being reformated. (My mom forgot it in her friend’s car…).

So that’s it. I’ll probably be on at my friend’s house or something. I dunno.

– SomeonezStory

P.S. My name is Slughead because it’s my username on Basil, only it’s really my friend’s name. Oh well. Copying IS the best type of flattery, isn’t it? Only when I feel that way, it’s more of “outrage” if they steal my ideas. You want the credit dont you?

P.S.S. What Roseblood (friend) said about getting to lv 70.. man tat will take forver for me. I played for two years and onl got to lv 32, then started new characters. I also had 2 train my bro tho. Anyways, g2g

3 thoughts on “New Character!”

  1. Welcome to MMOTales ! Lol at your name .

    And hey , high five man . I too , can play for over two years and stay around that level

  2. Lol, you’ve reached the bay of lazy maplers! Most here are not crazy trainers!

    ~LaZzz. . .(Funnyfroggy is a funny froggy!)

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