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Without our past, our future would be a tortuous path leading to an air-tight room filled with sweaty fat men. In order to move up the ladder of success and achievement we must come to terms with our past and integrate it into our future. Even if in the past we made stupid mistakes, this will only make wiser people out of us and guide us to where we want it to be.

Now, we can all agree that this is sometimes true, because everyone has been through this situation before.
btw, i dont normally express my thoughts like that cuz that was from my essay that i typed like couple months ago. i thought it was a pretty good topic to discuss upon.

By means of past mistakes leads to a smarter present decision making. That doesn’t seem to apply much to my parents. I don’t know why I wanted to talk about my parents again. They’ve done something that pisses me off. Again

The other day, I was at school doing teh dencing with with my friends. I started at two o’clock. Then more and more friends came. By the time we were leaving, it was six o’clock.

We was pimpin’ down da streetz and we was fly *posing random hand signs* den we ballin’ down our way to some restaurant and lolz.

Then we went to a friend’s basement to play pool. I was losing badly, so I played some FABULOUS TUNES and chilled out.

So this is what the whole thing is about and what I’m pissed at.

When I went home, my mom started to lecture about my grades, as usual.. then omg the trust-lecture.
Let’s say I tell my mom something that I don’t want for others to know. She would say some bullshit like

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind. I won’t tell anyone. Why would I tell anyone about it?”

But what happens? She tells her friends about it. All of it. After I found out, I was like..
(靠杯喔! 妳幹告訴人家?!)

And what’s her reply?
Ah-yah, no worries lah.

And then I’m all pissed off and kept on swearing and stuff.
Okay I’m sorry okay? It already happened; what do you want me to do?
(對不起好不好? 是已經發生了你要我幹麻啊?)

And then she starts to get pissed off at me because of my attitude. Soon she begins to lecture at me about how a person should calmly forgive someone for their mistakes. Peacefully accept the action that was already done and cope with it.


This is the part where I get the most pissed off. Ever.
She says that every single time. and guess what, NOT EVEN A SLIGHT CHANGE WAS EVER MADE FOR OVER THE PAST EIGHT YEARS.

Does she really think I would accept that?
Yes, I’ve talked to her about it. Everytime I use an example FROM A COUPLE DAYS AGO, she says she forgot about it.


She just doesn’t want to be criticized.

Metaphorically…. my mom is like cow’s butthole.
One day the cow inspector came and you know how they stick their entire arm into their butthole?

The cow inspector wouldn’t find any acceptable information, because it’s been filled with a bunch of bullshoot.

I seriously don’t want to continue with this anymore. I just typed this to get that stress out of my mind. It’s much of hey-check-out-what-i-wanna-tell-you-guys, but more of a god-damn-it-i-just-wanna-say-i-dont-want-to-keep-it-in-anymore kind of thing.

thanks for reading about my problem.

okay okay wait. im done with the blog. i’m gonna start finding some funny pictures.

OH YEAHS I gonna record myself locking someday. The last time I recorded myself for reference was a year ago lol.

15 thoughts on “LOLOL flabbergast”

  1. man, i wrote this blog too seriously.
    i didn’t put any exaggerate examples in it.

  2. aww, its ok. All moms do something to piss you off. I have an arguement with my mom almost everyday. Cept for today, its her Birthday XD

  3. Wowowowowow okay, yesterday night:
    Me and Nazgul were chatting and the past thing came up (do you ever re-read your old blogs and laugh at how nooby you were)
    Then Cheeze somehow happened to mention the same thing! (he was searching through old blogs)
    Crap, now I’m scared; this keeps happening! Ima gonna get hit by a falling bus or a moving piano!

  4. I’m going to read my first blog. Do you ever re-read your blogs and laugh at how nooby you were?

    *waits for lazydame to get hit by a falling bus or a moving piano*

  5. My parents do that too. I guess it’s just “Asian-ness”?

    Cuz my mom always does embarrassing stuff and I’m like, “Don’t do/say that!” but she never listens :<

  6. 靠杯喔!

    So that’s how you write kaopei in Chinese characters.

    Eh. My mom tells the whole wide world how I’m such an unfilial daughter all the time. >.> I don’t know if she’s ever told anyone stuff I don’t want people to know; then again, I don’t tell her anything I don’t want others to know, but hey, she can naaag at me for two hours straight at the top of a shrill shrill voice. <.<

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