This is War – Prologue/1

Hey i put the prologue and chapter one together


Darkness filled the sky on the night of July 4, 2070. This was no normal night, this was war. Soldiers loaded their guns, warriors readied their weapons, bowmen loaded their bows, and mages were ready to cast their spells. Everyone was in position and set for war.

“Alright, morons…we have to win this war! The fate of Maple Island depends on it. We will win this war and we’ll do whatever it takes,” The Captain shouted with anger.

Cheers came from the brave and frightened soldiers.

“Get ready to-..”

The Captain collapsed.

“S***! Snipers! Everyone take cover and fight,” screamed the Sergeant.

He then took cover behind a large boulder and gestured for somebody to come over. A large warrior with a long two-handed sword sprinted over.

“I want you to take Squad E North to the potion shop and stock up on potions! There are a bunch of swordsmen and spearmen in that area. It’s not to far away from the potion shop. Send some scouts out ahead of you to keep an eye out for snipers…just incase. Move out, Soldier.”

The tall warrior ran away gathering up Squad E to head to the potion shop. His name was Andy, also known as Silent Killer. He was stronger than any old warrior and sneakier than any assassin and could kill anyone in the blink of an eye. He was a dangerous warrior, but nowhere near enough to win the war.

This is War…

Chapter 1

Two scouts ran back to Andy quickly, out of breath. It was hard to understand them because they were out of breath.

“You fools look like you’ve seen a ghost. One of you idiots speak up and tell me what you saw.” Andy hollered at the two scouts.

“There were,” one scout began, “two snipers on the look out and an army of warriors coming.”

“Ahh, s***.” Andy mumbled.

“What’s wrong sir?!” a soldier asked.

“There are two snipers…we have five, but…our snipers suck and theirs are extremely skilled. Hey, uhh…go get James over there…you see the archer? He has blonde hair.” Andy said.

“Aye aye!” the soldier replied running away.

About a minute later a scout the Sergeant sent out was running back.

“S***!!! Their army is moving in! What will we do!?” the scout said ready to pass out.

“Perfect. They’re going to have to come here and fight us. I’m guessing the snipers are staying behind?” Andy said in a calm, relaxed voice.

“Snipers, sir? I saw no snipers there. That’s why it took me so long to come back. I wanted to make sure, but I saw no snipers.” the scout said clueless.

“S***…that’s not good,” Andy complained.

“What there are no snipers…that’s bad?” the scout replied.

“When the other two scouts came back…they said…there were snipers. Two on each side.” Andy replied.

“Damn it.” the scout groaned.

“I’m going to ask if you can go back for me and look for snipers. Nobody is going to die! We need you to go look for these snipers!” Andy yelled.

“Yes sir!” the scout replied.

“Don’t leave yet. Take a weapon with you. We might end up meeting you down there if they don’t get here fir-” Andy had gotten interrupted

“James reporting for duty, sir.”

“One second, James,” Andy said, “Yeah, well, take a weapon…all I’m saying.”

“Never mind James..” Andy said in a low toned voice.

Andy walked into the middle of his squad.


Squad E started to move out for battle. Heading towards the town, but then they came to a complete stop. The enemy army was right in front of them. They couldn’t go any further. Andy looked at the captain of the squad. He saw a dead person on his sword…kind of like a kabob.

“Here you go,” the captain said tossing the dead body to Andy.

“S***. The scout is dead..” Andy cried in sorrow that he had sent the poor scout.

“Andy get a grip. This is WAR! We can’t fool around, moron! GET A F****** GRIP,” James yelled, “EVERYONE FIGHT!”

Andy clutched his two-handed sword and was ready to fight. He charged the captain with his sword. The Captain easily blocked.

“War rules that warriors only fight 1 on 1 matches.” the captain said.

Andy nodded. He took another slash with his long two-handed sword. Another block from the captain. The captain had any normal longsword except it was highly upgraded with all sorts of dark scrolls.

“I’m not even trying,” said the captain acting to be bored, “gimme a challenge.”

The captain shot a dark bolt of a dark colored magic. It knocked Andy right off his feet. He walked up to Andy with his sword raised high ready to stab him.

“This is war, kid.”

To Be Continued

Hope you liked it.

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  1. Lol, practice does help!
    This was pretty good! Looks like you learned something from the 100 (?) fan fics you’ve written!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  2. lazydame said: “Lol, practice does help!
    This was pretty good! Looks like you learned something from the 100 (?) fan fics you’ve written!

    ~LaZzz. . .”

    Lol yup!

  3. BlackNazgul said: “Andy is pretty mean to is squad

    -=The Nazgul=-“

    It’s war. I mean you dont just go

    “Oh, snipers. . . just take a chill pill and relax.”

    Nononononoo. lol

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