Officially Quitting.

Sorry Guys, i know i’ve said i’m quitting a lot of times, but this time i am serious o.o.

I really just don’t feel like playing anymore. Not because of the leveling, grinding, drama, or anything else that is currently happening/ed while i was gone in that 3 week period. I just don’t feel the whole point of the game anymore. I gave my account to Swat and he will take good care of it. If for some reason Itada is disbanded, then oh well. I hope it gets remade somehow. I’ll be back sometime in the summer maybe. I am not ditching for the importance of WoW if anyone is curious. I just don’t feel like playing, in fact, i barely log into WoW too.

To my Buddy List: I love you guys, but i’ll understand if you need buddy space. So if it really comes to that, then just delete me off, even though i may log in occasionally to just chat. But those that keep me on their BL and likewise me keeping you, i appreciate the friendship we share <3. Most of you have my contact info, i’ll post up all means of contacting me so no one of you guys are left out of my life if you want to be in it i guess. (It’s given below)

To my guild members: I’m sorry for ditching out on you guys. As leader of Itadakimasu i should be there for everything, but this temporary thing isn’t going to stop me from being there for you guys. I’ll log in occasionally to see if things are going well and to check if you guys are being naughty! I hope this doesn’t change our ties as a close knit family guild and friendships. My contact info is below. Please do everything normal as if i’m there too. Like i said, i’ll be back soon! You’ll never know when Skitzors is really Fonny unless you get a : cool I MISSED YOU GUYS SO MUCH.

To my really loyal/Jr.Masters: Feel free to go to another guild if needed.. However, please leave your name/user as my buddy and send me a tell over Basilmarket. It really hurts to know you guys left without saying goodbye to me. Especially since you guys are my closest and most important people to me in MS besides my BL. I hope you guys will come back sometime after you’re done questing for zhelms! Remember, Itadakimasu is always open for you guys to come back. <33 I’ll miss you if you leave, more ever, always leave space on your BL for me!

I’m really sorry for the way i’m announcing my final wishes and hopes for everyone on MS. But I Thank all those that were my past buddies, guildies, friends, etc. beacuse you guys truly made me happy and laugh . Even though i’m saying goodbye, i hope this is not the last of our friendship. Like i said, you’ll never know when i’ll be back! Can be tomorrow! Maybe. Lol. But anyway, i wish you all the best of luck on MapleStory.

Skitzors [Fonny]

P.S ~ Love you guys and i’ll miss you guys.

Contact Information
Email : FonnyWu27 AT NOSPAM
AIM : xTheazngirlx
MSN: Aluckybluestar AT NOSPAM
BasilName : Skitzors
xFire: skittlesx3

4 thoughts on “Officially Quitting.”

  1. I left maple a long time ago too. I had an awesome guild, awesome buddies, a good character, enough mesos. . . But then what can I say, I felt like everything was too far away and stuff, and then whenever I played my character I felt really sh!tty amongst all the insanely rich people with insane dmg and stuff although I was perfectly aware that my dmg was pretty above average, and the grinding too, lots of hackers, ksers, morons. . . Oh well that’s my Maple Story for you o.O (Pun not intended)

    Anyway, welcome to the Maple Quitters’ club ^^

  2. Don’t quit ~ Haha . But from the way you said it it’s like you’re not really quitting >D

  3. im feeling the same way about Maple actually, but not only is it just a money maker (the game has been designed and built that way) where in order to cut down on the endless hours it takes to level up, you gotta buy those 2xp cards and crap (did the prices go waay up on those? i checked the cash shop when i was on maple at my neigbor’s house, and they seemed alot more than last time i bought one back in january.
    Then again i got expelled from my guild KingdomofMS and i dont really know anyone anymore, plus i had a big research essay to do for English and i been playing WoW alot just trying to catch up to my RL friends who kept changing servers everytime i got my character up to level 30 or 40.

  4. Lol, waiting unti lI see your next blog that says, “I DIDN’T QUIT!”

    But, people move on, crowds depart, waves lap on the sand. It’s be alright.

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