[GComic] SirPainsalot is smexy

Don’t mind the first screenshot. It’s just me with the ever so smexy Pain. Ain’t he smexy?


Copyrights goes to SirPainsalot ’cause he’s the sexiest of ALL MMOTales. Hellz yeah.

Did you believe that?!?! AHAHAHAHA! Now before you get pissed off, cry to yourself, and chant “I WANT GANZ, YOU SUCK IDIOT/MORON/[insert insult]”, can you understand that this has been…

(Copyrights to Ganz for being AWESOME enough to gimme this. XD)

Yeah, I know you all hate me now. But onto the blog….

Kinda sorta not really but maybe back on MapleStory

Pic One: An old picture with me and Ganz with his noob… And me owning him with meh army of MUSHIES after he stalked me.

Pic Two: Rabbit with a Pancake on its head image.

Now the real deal images.

Pic Three: I look unsexy.

Pic Four: Me in Leafre!

Pic Five: Dieing of the wrong button of potion. =_=

Pic Six- Fifteen (O_O): Venturing deep in Leafre… Pic Six

Pic Seven

Pic Eight

Pic Nine

Pic Ten

Pic Eleven

Pic Twelve

Pic Thirteen

Pic Fourteen

Pic Fifteen

Pic Sixteen: I MADE IT!

Pic Seventeen:ORLY?

Now let’s actually TALK. First of all, getting to Leafre is a pain in the butt. Blue Bird costs an expensive 30k. Except for me. I have 10 million. I saw Leafre already, but not the monsters and maps. They dealt this much damage to me:

Puffballs: 550

Regular Slaves: 530

Regular Sheep: 1060

Red Spear Centaurs: 1400

Blue Dragon Turtles: 1500

Orange Dragons with a Lazy Yellow Eye’d Hobo: 1500

Red Dragons: 1400

Blue Dragons: 1700

Black Dragons: 1800

Egg Golem: 2200

Skeledragons with Horns: 2300

The rest I didn’t get hit by or forgot. Note: This is weapon attack. NOT magic attack. And I have high weapon defense.

The biggest place I’ve seen. High levels, GO THERE! I mean it.

Bishop’s attack pretty much own. Then again, it’s the same with the others. Just that the bishop’s look the prettiest.
I was smart. I didn’t go through the baby dragon place for OBVIOUS reasons. Instead, I went to Skeledragons. Pros helped me by CLEARING TEH PATH!

All in all, I’m just playing Maple for the patches from now on. Basically, that means… MOAR BLOGS!

A KartRider Rant

Why is Mr. Basil/cap’n NOT taking care of this site properly? We have blogs filled with spam now that Mip isn’t here. Another question, HOW COME IS THERE NO KARTRIDER SECTION?! There’s absolutely NO excuse. Hell, you made a WEBSITE about it, which turned out to be a copy of Basil Market and was a complete failure. Kart Rider may not be an MMORPG but it’s technically STILL an MMO. This site is called: “MMO Tales”. But guess what? He pays more attention to his spam-infested, idiotic site whose members doesn’t give a DAMN about the bids and more for the chat forums. Seriously Mr. Basil? You can do MUCH better than that I bet. And Star Wars over Kart Rider? -_- I rest my case.

KartRider stuffs

Nothing much. I have to get used to the controls AGAIN. XD I. need. to. level. up. for. the. suicide. water. bomb…. And Nexon needs to give more Scenarios. These quests are pretty AWESOME…. And I need practice on beating people up.

As this blog FINALLY comes to a closing end, I must end it with a few notes.

Special thanks to the AWESHOME Ganzicus for permission to do this evil prank.

Nenny for making cool blogs.

MasterCheeze, Waffle, and other Smash people for loving… Smash Bros.

Mr.Basil/cap’n for (hopefully) not deleting this blog and taking this rant on a serious term (if he looks at it, that is).

Monsters of Leafre for trying to tear me to shreds and making Leafre actually worth watching.

All the people of MMOTales for watching this blog. (Just goes to show you how AWESOME is Ganz. )

MSN for providing communication for my fellow MMOers.

This blog for pranking people and being my longest blog yet.

This week for being the first week for two blogs from me.

KartRider for being PWNSOME and AWESOME even it’s Mario Kart/Bomberman mixed together with cel-shaded technology and few unique items.

Maple Story GMS Patch .51 for being worthless.

Pedobear for being on Ganz’s Approval pic.

My Rubik’s cube for being so ****ing annoying.

And in Ganz’s words to this pranking blog: “olololololololol”

Till then.

13 thoughts on “[GComic] SirPainsalot is smexy”

  1. gujju said: “You tricked me.

    For this, you earn a likey.”

    Twenty people tricked ALREADY! And counting!

  2. Lol, I didn’t watch the blog I read it!
    Do you have a movie about this blog? !
    I wasn’t tricked, I just wandered in here looking for some candy!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  3. lazydame said: “Lol, I didn’t watch the blog I read it!
    Do you have a movie about this blog? !
    I wasn’t tricked, I just wandered in here looking for some candy!

    ~LaZzz. . .”

    *holding some candy* . . . Oops. Here’s your darn candy! D:< *throws candy at lazydame*

  4. lazydame said: “yay!
    *gets hit by candy*

    ~LaZzz. . .”

    Must’ve given him the radioactive candy,


  5. How dare you and Ganzicus try to trick me into reading this blog. There’s a nifty option called “Friends” that exposed you guys as the liars you are. >O

  6. MasterCheeze said: “How dare you and Ganzicus try to trick me into reading this blog. There’s a nifty option called “Friends” that exposed you guys as the liars you are. >O”

    Darn you Cheeze! I’ll get ya some day! D:< *disappears in the shadows*

  7. BlackNazgul said: “Lol at rabbit .

    -=The Nazgul=-“

    Ganz showed it to me. XD


  8. -I was forced to press like, by the “almighty” SirPainsalot.-

    Haha, just kidding. Nice bloggy, Oliver! Ya got me there. =P

  9. This blog is my most SUCCESSFUL and popular blog yet.

    I want to thank Ganzicus again for giving me permission to make a fake blog out of his comic as a prank. ShadowSide, gujju, Dest1, lazydame, guosim, MasterCheeze, dreamemblem, AzNxKnife, AliyahRoyal, Tninja, dee32693, FirstKnight, mrlumpy, SilverFx, EbilStranger, for liking it. (Thanks FirstKnight! You got caught! ) The 300 people who got TRICKED. 3 days of glory for me. 10,000 blog reads. Likeits are almost 1337 (tis’ 133. SO close.) This is surely an accomplish. ololololol i mean liek, u al gt trickd by teh almghty sirpainsalot. olololololololol

  10. I didn’t get tricked. I mean, I saw the by-line before I looked at your title, so. . .

    But it was a funny bloc- I mean, blog.

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