ShieldedHope – My Introduction

Hello everyone, and my name is ShieldedHope. I plan on coming here since I’m playing MapleStory again, and I think its time for me to connect with more people revolving around the game and make more friends. I am definitely not new at Maple, so don’t be thinking I’m new at this because of my character. I have been playing since beta was out for GMS, and I have a character on Scania. However, I prefer to disclose the information on that character, and let it all be a thing of the past. That is why, I am now on Mardia.

It was all just a simple interest in trying the game again after a long break, but I was a bit unsure. However, I did give in to the “Maple-Loop” effect, and I guess I figured it out, I can’t leave MapleStory. So, now I’m back. But, I decided to start a new story about my time in MapleStory, and I’ll begin by doing that now.

Now that I have introduced myself, I guess its time to explain what I am. When I began the game, I knew I would have to be a Warrior. I have been other classes, but to me, a Wa
rrior just seems more enthralling. I also knew I had to be a 1 handed wielder. 2 handed weapons are nice, don’t get me wrong, but when it comes to maple, I like to be as unique as it comes. So, I chose the path, of a 1 handed blunt weapon page.

So, after a few days into Maple, I am about to advance. I made sure not to get the stupid Amoria hair just so I can keep my hair color (when I get a haircut, I’ll talk about it), and I tried to do as many quests as I could so it was out of the way. After a few days of training, I was finally ready to advance. I took the challenge of collecting Dark Marbles from Lupins and Fire Boars, and I have previaled. I returned to Dances with Balrog to only be changed into future job, a Page.

I am now ready to discuss every bit of my new character in MapleStory, and make sure to save the experiences unlike the last time. And hopefully, if my love gets on, then this will be the best time I ever had playing this game, haha.

14 thoughts on “ShieldedHope – My Introduction”

  1. Welcome to MMOtales. That’s a nice first blog you have there. ^^

    And Pages are cool. I like them in a book. ;D

  2. Heyhey! Welcome back to Maple! I recently rejoined MapleStory as well. Feels great to be back, eh?

  3. Thank you all for the welcome, I already can tell I’ll have a good time here.

    RussetAure said: “Pages ftw.
    Snipers ftw too, but eh.”

    Haha, yeah, I prefer Pages/White Knight/Paladins over Snipers really. I found my Sniper to be boring believe it or not, and I prefer close combat. Who would of figured since everyone loves Snipers, right?

  4. And I like 1 handed weapons too

    I can’t stand BWs though, so I’m 1H sword.

  5. RussetAure said: “And I like 1 handed weapons too

    I can’t stand BWs though, so I’m 1H sword.”

    Ah, I see. Yeah, BW are pretty unstable, but it’s still good.

  6. i touch pages all the time. . .*nudgenudge winkwink*



  7. dee32693 said: “i touch pages all the time. . .*nudgenudge winkwink*”

    I need an adult! I NEED AN ADULT! D=

    Kitsch said: “Woot, fresh meat!

    Welcome to MMOT. And nice blog, btw.

    Fresh Meat? Don’t have a good feeling anymore, haha jk. Thanks.

  8. Hah, I’m a rare-type of a rare-breed. 1H sword page. =]


  9. Awesome blog and your such a pro at it dude.I definitely am going to follow your footsteps and become a Page also haha,Great blog and good work.

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