I got over YUUUUU~

That’s RIGHT!

I got over you, INTERNET!

And it took a single look at the MapleStory start-up window to realize my accomplishment.

Fangblade, along with several others, are level 200.

Whilst I have not leveled once in the past four months.

This is actually the first time I have touched a keyboard (other than that of my phone) in a whole week.

And I have to say, I look forward to enjoying this computer-less-ness more often.

My eyes have stopped being irritated, I no longer need annoying eye drops. I don’t have trouble getting to sleep, I wake up without feeling like I’m being weighted down by cement. I get through my 7-hour work shifts without being irritable or tiring easily. I’m eating better and actually getting outside, and now I am officially 5’5″ and 122 lbs, while three weeks ago, I was 134.

My house no longer looks like Satan rolled through on an ATV. My posture looks much better. I’ve even noticed that my communication skills have improved, I’m not as shy or confused with how to word myself in a conversation. I’m cranking out some great artwork for my portfolio, giving me a better chance of transfering to MICA with some sweet-ass scholarships next year.

I’ve accepted that the internet shouldn’t be a huge chunk of my life, like I had made it for the last six-dozen years. I averaged about 3~7 hours a day stairing at this computer screen since 2001, when I recieved my first desktop.

Internet addiction = PWNEd.

So that’s a wrap, internets.

Your Mudkipz and your YTMND and your Gaia Online and your Maplestory and your YouTube and your scanlated Italian comics and your online banking and your Veoh and your Ebay and your solitaire and your mindsweeper and your NANACA crash and your 4Chan and your Encyclopedia Dramatica and your DeviantArt and your Google and your mIRC and your Shoujo manga and your Myspace and your Facebook and your LOLcats and your meme and your Roliana and your Wikipedia and your AIM and your MSN and your Yahoo and your online playlists and your Greater Internet Faggotry have LOST THIS BATTLE!

You are now a thirty-minute-a-day-past-time instead of a hog-up-five-hours-of-my-life-per-day-to-the-point-of-minor-long-term-health-risks-obsession.

“Desire is not an occupation.”

So all I have to say is, thank you Fangblade. Thank you to everyone who is level 200. You made me appreciate the value of time. Made me understand that real life is much better than these billions of tiny pixes which ruin my eyesight and give me headaches. Made me realize that gaming isn’t the least bit productive unless you’re getting paid to do it.

No, I’m not quitting MMOT or anything else I belong to, like DA or Roliana (however I did quit Gaia, but not for these reasons). I just won’t dedicate all of my spare time to the internet anymore. I have a lot of great online friends that I would hate to loose touch with. Just don’t expect to see me around as often

Well, not like everyone here isn’t already used to that >.>;

15 thoughts on “I got over YUUUUU~”

  1. FunnyFroggy said: “Don’t you mean “potato”?

    I was talking to Vicelin. xD

  2. I definitely don’t recall “atta boy” being unisex, because you can also say “atta girl”. CHEEZE HAS BEEN PWND

    Froggy~ when did I become a potato?

    Varun~ np, alsostranger.

  3. My mom just gave me a talk about all of the stuff you just mentioned.

    *grounded until tomorrow*

    Yeah. Cause I didn’t want to watch Zoids with my brother.

    It was epic. But anyway, grats on getting over the obsession! ;D

  4. vicelin said: “I definitely don’t recall “atta boy” being unisex, because you can also say “atta girl”. CHEEZE HAS BEEN PWND

    Shoot, son, I haven’t been pwned at all. How’s the temperature in that fantasy world of yours where you actually think stuff like that happens? >D

  5. The Other day i got an assignment from school saying not to use technology for an evening. Not even a whole day, just from the time i get home from school to till the next morning. And i failed. I got home, and i could not even go without watching TV with my sandwich. That was the day i realized i had a problem. and reading this was just the icing on the cake.

    I need help 😐

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