Noob of a Noob

Well, hello there folks. Its been a little while since I wrote my other blog, and though good oprotunities to write them arose, I was kind of busy with MapleStory its self, so yeah, haha.

First thing I’m going to mention is my girlfriend (who goes by AngelPancake here) finally got her computer to run MapleStory, so since thats out of the way, we can finally both enjoy it together. Yay! Also, please don’t call her a nubcake, I really don’t like that at all. She might have not used good grammar in her first blog, but please don’t be harsh on her.

On another note, I leveled up to level 40, so now I can use a Jacker. But, due to Mardia having a….say, small economy, I can’t find a proper level 40 shield. I also don’t have enough fame to wear the Maroon Jangoon Armor, so that really sucks. :S But I got 10 levels till new armor and weaponry, so I’m fine.

Lastly, I did try out SMS. It’s pretty good, but even though its really easy for leveling and everything, it doesn’t keep me interested for long. I only find it really neat that I can try out the much later class skills, but oh well, I’m sticking to my GMS.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about immaturity on MapleStory. I’m not talking about the “Can’t use grammar” thing, but I am talking about the social behavior these people use when playing with fellow players. Of course, if you’re an old Maple fan, you’ll know that immaturity is just a thing that will always stay, and you can’t do anything about it. However, I’ve been really patient for the last 3 years, and I’m really sick of all of this already.

This pretty much starts back to when I made an Archer on Scania way back when Global MapleStory started. When I became an Archer, I kept getting stupid comments from people telling me I sucked, and they kept on trying to kill steal from me. This kept going on and on throughout my leveling, and not one day have I seen a single person not try to kill steal at all.

Party Quests were ridiculous too. It was every man for himself, and I kept on getting hateful and rude comments about me and my character, since it was “too slow” and it “sucked”. People never ever behave in this game, and to a result in that, I’ve had some Party Quests were I would be kicked out because someone was trying to steal the spot.

Just today, I was Carnival PQing, and someone invites me for a round. Guess what he does? He kicks me out of no reason, and says “goooooooooooooooooooooooooo. noooooooob. ch1 noob” What in the heck was that about? I didn’t even do anything, and I’m being called a noob. Honestly, if I could, I would kick his….butt. Haha, I’m trying to restrain my rage which will make me cuss a lot, haha.

But anyway, I know that this can’t be solved at all, because its a human nature, and this kind of idiocity happens all the time, but what do you guys think about it? Have you guys had enough with this nonsense we put up everyday in MapleStory, the kind that you somehow get dragged in even though you were doing nothing? I just want to know what you people think about it.

And thats basically it. I just had to let that out really.

11 thoughts on “Noob of a Noob”

  1. I really hope that was a joke Spade, honestly, I don’t find any humor in that. =|

  2. jokz wer made for the teler not teh listenr

    wel not rly

    but it wuz funy to me

    I was kidding, boi. Chill.


  3. That’s because 90% of the Maple population is 10-year-olds who haven’t been beaten enough by their parents, picked on at school, or done anything useful as a human being (and probably never will), because they haven’t been exposed enough to the real world in order to learn their own insignificance.

    Best line of defence: ignore them and wait for an intelligent leader to come along. They are out there, just hard to find.

  4. I second that agreement with vicelin LOL. It sounds pretty sad but it’s true.

  5. vicelin said: “Best line of defence: ignore them and wait for an intelligent leader to come along. They are out there, just hard to find.”

    Well sir, I’m going to be an old man before that even happens.

  6. Therefore, boycott PQs altogether unless your friends hosts the party.

    >.> I know, not a very intelligent solution. -.-

  7. Oh, there are intelligent PQs. Sometimes. Rarely, but sometimes.

    My best experiences (where I’ve actually made friends) are LMPQ, HPQ (lol), and KPQ. Just to throw that out there.

  8. Awww,thanks sooo much for sticking up for me your the best ever! I have to really agree with you there,sorry you got treated that way too.Some people on there are just very rude.Wow,level 40 amazing.I hope you find that Shield soon.And your right about that we cant change it just ignore it because sometimes people just say stuff like that because they feel that just about them selfs so yeah.Anyways awesome blog and congrats on getting a Jagger.Dont take what they say seriously ever.It doesnt really matter what they think.I’ll always be there to support you,hehe.Awesome blog and cant wait to see your next one here too!

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