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Hello everyone. It’s Josh here, as in the creator of Echo. I grew tired of my old username and decided to make a new account. It works out for the best, because this one can be completely devoted to Fan Fiction. Woo! This is not only a informative blog, but it’s also functional. I’ll update this blog frequently with links to all of my stories, and post recommendations to stories I loved myself. This should be a great service to everyone, because everyone cares about and respects my opinion.
By the way, SSF stands for Shadow Side Fiction.

Echo Series


Character Pictures
Comments: I update this frequently, so if you’re ever wondering what a character looks like look here for it.
Echo Back Stories: The City’s Echo
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Chapter X
Chapter XI
Chapter XII
Chapter XIII


Chapter I
Comments: I took a few liberties with BoT here, and Fake, I hope you guys don’t mind that much. I couldn’t tell what that girl in the red uses for a weapon, so I just threw somethin together.
Chapter II
Comments: I have to say, this chapter has my one of my favourite endings yet. The explanation near the end was a little choppy, but we’re not all perfect. Oh well.
Chapter III
Comments: Thanks so much to Ryan for the majority of the ideas in this chapter. Without you I would still have that horrid writers block. -throws shoe at writers block- Coincidentally, that’s the name of my school’s literary magazine. Interesting. . .


Part One



The Boy who was Lucky
Comments: Amazing story. I don’t think Tarheel writes anymore, at least not for MMOTales, but you should still read what’s there anyway. I really enjoyed the plot and the evolution of the characters. Dialogue and fight scenes were masterful too.
Comments: Another amazing story by Tarheel. Not near done. And the plot isn’t completely clear yet. But I still love it. Another model for you young writers out there, and something to enjoy for you experienced ones too. Goes up to chapter 12
Lady Silverface
Comments: Best way to describe it is short and sweet. I don’t want to give anything away, so read it yourself. You’ll be happy you did. Goes up to chapter 3.
Only the prologue so far, but I’m looking forward to the rest.
Deafening Screams
Comments: One of my favorites, because I’m in it! =D But really, it’s well written and has a cool plot. I really can’t wait for the next ones.
The Last of the Shadow Templars or The LOST
Comments: This is a beautifully crafted story. I assume it’s the second part of Lost in Shadows, but seeing as I’ve never read it I don’t know for sure. This is a must read if you like action and suspense . . . and killer last lines.

I’m sure there are more, but these are the only one’s I’ve read and gotten into. Some other suggestions (I haven’t read them) are Silver’s Aurora’s Redemption, and Nazgul’s Lost in Shadows. I have read the prologue for Lost in Shadows and I was impressed, it’s just that I have little time due to school, and my free time is divided between my GF and writing. Oh well. Okay like I said, I’ll update every time something else happens. And for the love of god, please just comment after reading a good story. Not just mine. I’m sure the writer would enjoy getting helpful feedback from the people enjoy reading their stuff.

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