hehhh xD

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.
Talking about falling I’m the god of it lol.
But It just spoke to me.
Like when saying “Everything happens for a reason” or “Expect the unexpected”

Eh today was cool. When I say cool I mean boring.

News: No Lvling – No skill books
No lvling because I was …Afk for like who knows how long and yeah

I was at my grandparents house and when I was younger I used to draw pictures for christmas and birthdays etc. And my grandmother would stick them onto the walls and date them.
It just blew me away how time passed by so fast. First it was 1995 and now its friggen 2008 ( I say 1995 because I think thats the first picture she stuck on the wall that I drew.) I’ll be 19 this year thats enough to scare me


But I’m happy in general I went for a nice drive in my car. The rain totally recked my car. I loathe the water spots lol.
Plus the rain always makes me depressed. I don’t know its like each drip is like a clock ticking…just each moment I’m just standing in the same place.

I think I need to move or something.

And I’m getting totally sick of T-pain and Chris brown if my radio plays it one more time I’m going to throw it out my 3 story apartment building

Anyway Ttyl =)

3 thoughts on “hehhh xD”

  1. LOL on my radia station it plays kiss kiss liek once every blue moon xO

    and tpain is really getting ony mnerves hes in everything wth1?!

    neh i like rain =O


  2. I’ll be 19 this year thats enough to scare me

    I know. And that’s what I thought last year.
    I’ll be 20 this year, and that’s excessively sufficient now. ><

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