As A Ghost I say: … I’m dead for real?

…. Maybe I was lying about being alive again after all. Besides…. I had more…. “important stuff to do“… Um yeah.. I quitted (bad grammar) MS to be honest… Left my guild alone… I’m a man on the road… But alas, I have screenshots BEFORE I quitted (still bad grammar)! And news. Lots and lots of news. If you’re a sniper, be happy for I’ll give you info about Marksman…. Well, sorry to say thing but… You’re pretty much screwed over by the rangers. Sorrrrrrry!!! Let’s get onto detail with that first….

Basically, Marksman has this skill called Pierce. Rangers have Hurricane. Hurricane… Basically pwns it. Pierce can only beat Hurricane in Boss battlers. Hurricane shoots out rapid arrows. About 9 arrows per second basically. Pierce is one big move where it hits everyone. Problem is, you have to charge it. So… I’m pretty saddened by this. A bowmaster could easily KS a Marksman with no startup or problem. So yeah…

On a lighter note, I’m still random and active on the internetz. My MSN is Splee_For_Meh AT NOSPAM, just so you know. I’m in…. Random forums. Basilmarket has become a thing of the past after my suspension. I hate it with rage now… Oh! So you wanna know about the screenshots eh? Fine!

1. Me F6ing in a bag of a bird from Mu Lung. I think that explains it all.

2. My first encounter with Mu Lung/Herb Town. The boat was crowded with people at the time, so I decided to do it the cheap way: Use the dolphin which is free! =D Oh, and I’m with my friend.

3. 123rd screenshot! I have more, but they’re in another file. Fake Mushdad/Blue Mushmom. I like Mushdad better.

4 and 5. Killing Gobies~ Ain’t it fun to own monsters higher leveled than you?

My first impressions on the announcement of 4th Job and Leafre: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! WOOO!!! **** YEAH!!! FINALLY, NEXON IS SMART!!!

Impressions when it actually came: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! WOOOOO!!! (After watching my cousin do the 4th job) YAAAAAY!!!! (Getting skills) Yaaaaay!!! (Fighting) Yaaaay…. (Fighting some more) …. Yay…. (Fighting even more) ……

Yeah. Oh and Mu Lung, Leafre, and the rest of the patches I haven’t talked about are pwnsome. They get a 10/10, 100/100, 10000000000000000000/1000. I’m not being sacastic either, even though I usually am.

KartRider…. I gotta play that some time. I’ve been itching to play it, but something blocks me.

On a more personal note, I’ve been hanging around Here’s my profile if you actually care.

Oh and anyone that’s gonna get Smash Bros. Brawl… Maybe you can post in this blog/PM me about it… Gimme your Brawl code when it comes out. In fact, some MMOers will get it. MasterCheeze, Waffle, Tarheel just to name a few.

So I’m pretty sure the biggest question is, when will I come back? Perhaps some day, I’ll make an actual comeback. But I’ll definitely make a blog some time, for sure.

Till then.

6 thoughts on “As A Ghost I say: … I’m dead for real?”

  1. Oliver! (: Omgosh!
    You are back, woots!

    We must hang.
    AND, your reactions to 4th job cracked me up. That’s exactly like how I was.

  2. AliyahRoyal said: “Oliver! (: Omgosh!
    You are back, woots!

    We must hang.
    AND, your reactions to 4th job cracked me up. That’s exactly like how I was.

    Hey Aliyah! I’m back!, Kinda.

  3. Cheeze, HELL YEAH! Bye dee? I’m not really leaving. I’ll still be around, SOMEHOW.

    Blah too, lazy.

    Now I’m off to rant that Mr. Basil/Captain should get a friggin’ Kart Rider section SOMEWHERE,

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